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YouTube Preview and How It Enhances YouTube Video Viewing Experience

January 29th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Surfing

Regular YouTube users always have some special preferences when it comes to watching the videos in the largest video sharing platform in the world. YouTube, despite the recent changes introduced, is still not a completely flexible or customizable platform, but, if you use Google Chrome as your primary internet browser, you can make use of some of the available Chrome extensions for making YouTube video viewing experience much better and hassle free.

YouTube Preview - 1

Today, we will discuss such an amazing Chrome extension known as YouTube Preview.

YouTube Preview

If you move from one video to another in YouTube throughout the day with help of the recommended right sidebar, this extension will help you big time. We generally move to another video judging the thumbnail and many times, we find the new video not to be satisfactory. YouTube preview can help you find more information on the video just by taking a look at the thumbnail.

Under each of the video thumbnails, you will see colorful red and green bars. These indicate the popularity of that particular video and also represent the number of likes that the same has received from the viewers. In case you hover over the thumbnail picture, the video will start playing from the thumbnail position and thus you will get a short walkthrough of the actual video. Though you still don’t get to see the entire video, this according to me, is an awesome way of judging whether to watch a particular video or not.

YouTube Preview - 2

After you actually get to the video page, you will see an option called likes per 100 views. As the name suggests, this will mark the number of likes the video has received for every 100 views. Even if a video has got numerous likes, this may still be small as many people just watch the videos without liking or disliking it.

I liked this simple Chrome extension and shared my thoughts on the same. It’s now your turn to follow the suit.

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