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Windows 7 Networking – A Brief on HomeGroup

October 18th, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Networking

These days a computer without Internet is nothing but an expensive paperweight. Come on, would you have liked it if you couldn’t check your e-mails, chat with friends or share files with others! I’m sure the answer will not be a positive one.

Windows 7 has made it very easy for its users to share files across different systems. It is not only important to stay connected, but at the same time, the networking system should be secured enough. In today’s article, we will discuss on HomeGroup. This is an enhancement which is primarily targeted for home businesses or home users.


HomeGroup serves two purposes in general: you can protect your shared files and resources from people who intrude into wireless networks; secondly, it is possible for you to share your important files among different computers which are on a home-based network. Not only that, thanks to HomeGroup functionality, it is possible to print files of different systems from one single printer.

You have to open HomeGroup from your Control Panel. Now click to create a new HomeGroup. Make sure to check only those types of files which you want to share through this network. Once you are done, your operating system will automatically generate a password. Other systems that want to use those files need to enter the password to join the network. If you are using Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 starter, you can’t create a new HomeGroup. However, any computer with a Windows 7 version can join the HomeGroup.


HomeGroup is very easy to use. I personally liked two facts: it simplifies the process of sharing files and secondly, you can give access of your files to others, but no random wireless connection can intrude in. Only scope of improvement, which I believe can be achieved by enabling even Windows Vista or Windows XP users to join the HomeGroup.

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