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Why You Should Buy a Laptop Online

April 5th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Buying New Stuff

Why You Should Buy a Laptop Online

Laptops are great.  Seems like everyone uses one nowadays, and is always looking for a good deal on them.  We love technology improvements, and laptops are one aspect of technology that is constantly improving.  Faster, quieter, and more power efficient models are released each year; often at the same prices as last year.

Odds are you have probably bought stuff online before; just about everyone has.  Maybe you are weary of making such a large investment online, without testing the computer first.  Lots of people like to see something before they buy it, and there are plenty of stores for this.  However the reality of the situation remains; online retailers are more competitive, both in price and their product lineups.

Online retailers have less overhead, and connect directly with their consumers; i.e. lower prices.

If you know exactly what you want, then great, you are miles ahead of everyone else.  Head over to some sites, and compare prices.

If you don’t know what you want, you first need to determine what you will be using the computer for.  Generally speaking, there are five main types of laptop users; gamers, home users, business users, students, and casual users.

Gamers are a demanding bunch, usually requiring a very powerful pc, with 1 GB of dedicated graphics, plenty of ram, and decent speakers.  Fortunately they usually don’t need much battery life, as they aren’t far from an outlet, and weight isn’t terribly important.

Home users usually need the ability to play HD movies, music, browse the internet, perform word processing and of course pay bills.  Battery life is important as well, so you don’t want the most powerful battery eating processor out there.  Something a little more modest will do fine.

Business users require all of the requirements of a home computer, but with portability also being paramount.  This is the trickiest segment to design computers for, and most manufacturers usually settle on something slightly heavier or with a protruding battery, to accommodate both adequate power and battery life.

For students, battery life is paramount.  The ability to take notes, and work on projects on the go is crucial, sometimes for many hours at a time.  Many students will also need their computers for entertainment, since it is not likely they will have another computer for this.  A net book or subnotebook would be ideal as they are light and compact, with great battery life, and can still handle music and movies.

Casual users will sometimes use their laptop at home, or will decide to pack it up and head outside.  Battery life is less important here; a few hours should be plenty.  A second generation processor should be more than adequate for casual computing needs, and often these users get the best deals on laptops because they are much more flexible.

Buying a laptop online can save you a lot of time and money if you know what you are looking for.

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