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Use Tab Badges and Customize Mozilla Firefox Even for Pinned Tabs

January 16th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Surfing

Thanks to the latest updates, Firefox now provides users a lot of tab management features right from the beginning. To organize the tabs in a better way, you can use the Tab Groups feature, also known as Panorama. You can make use of the scroll buttons as well to move through multiple tabs. The drag and Drop feature was always there for better organization of tabs as well.

Tab Badges - 1

It is a fact that with the latest version, Firefox has made tab organization even simpler. So, do you still need an add-on to make things better? Well, you have to use Tab Badges to understand how better things can get when it comes to Firefox tab organization.

How Does Tab Badges Work?

It’s a Firefox add-on and like others, you have to install it first to your browser and then restart the same, so that changes take effect.

Tab Badges adds a red indicator on each of the open tabs. It will show the number in relation with the open tab. For example, it will display the number of unread message, Twitter updates, the notifications in Facebook etc.

You can say that even Firefox shows this, so what’s the point in using Tab Badges! Well, Firefox shows the number, but, only for the unpinned tabs; whereas, Tab Badges will continue to display the number even for pinned tabs. This will update you of the latest emails you received even if you don’t work on that tab.

Tab Badges - 2

The color of the red badge can be changed and though the badge inside tab looks clearer, you can use text on tab option as well. If you wish not to display the badge for a specific domain, you need to add the same in the blacklist. Even if, you by mistake add a domain in the blacklist, you can always restore the same back.

Many may argue on its features, but, I will give it a go. After all, its only 6 KB in size and that won’t cause a performance impact on my system for sure. What do you say?

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