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Twitter Releases Video Sharing App Vine

January 25th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Social Networking

Twitter has now set its footsteps on the video sharing niche, with launch of its latest app named as Vine. Rumors were strong for the last few days already of Twitter releasing a video sharing app and now with Vine; you can create videos as well. The app is only available for iOS devices for the time being; however, it will soon be available in other platforms as well, as confirmed by the Twitter officials.

Vine - 1

Just like the 140 character limit for tweets, the videos created through Vine are pretty small too. A video created through Vine can be at maximum 6 seconds long. This ensures that the videos are to the point, without much of fluff. The app is capable of recording sound as well.

Creating the video is very simple with Vine. You just need to hold your finger on the screen to start recording and then move the same away for stopping recording. You can stop as many times as you wish and hence, you may end up with a continuous 6 second long video or a number of short clips. Vine stops recording video as soon as you move your finger away and hence, there is no editing process involved with Vine.

Vine - 2

After the video is created, the same is auto embedded in Tweets, similar to the Twitter supported image sharing service. The video can be played on Twitter website or the mobile app both. However, I have seen that the videos loop on Twitter’s desktop version, unlike the mobile application.

The videos can be shared through Facebook as well. If you don’t have an account on either Facebook or Twitter, even then you can share the videos in the Vine networking, a social network on its own.

Vine looks cool. It is not an awesome application, but is simple enough to make its users happy. I hope it soon gets some upgrades and be available for other platforms not run through iOS.

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