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Top 3 Free Memory Test Programs for Your System

October 1st, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in I've Always Wondered...

Memory test software runs a thorough test on your computer’s RAM and helps you to identify any potential issues in such.  Often called a RAM test, memory test or free RAM scan, this is likely a program you will want to run after making any recent memory changes or adding additional RAM. Below, I have listed some free memory test programs that do their job well and work with a variety of operating systems:

Windows Memory Diagnostic


This is a Microsoft program and it performs a series of tests on your computer’s memory to identify any potential issues or errors. You can find the program free of charge on Microsoft’s website; then its a simple matter of installing the program and following the on screen instructions.

The program will essentially walk you through burning an ISO image to a  CD or DVD. Once you boot from this disc you have just created, it starts a RAM test automatically. The testing will may take some time and will run until you stop it manually. Usually after the first test you can stop the program yourself- assuming the program hasn’t found any memory errors.

M2K MemScope

Have you heard of Micro-Scope? If you haven’t, just FYI – they have created many professional computer diagnostic tools. M2K MemScope is a recent product from the same company. There are many advanced testing options available within it; however, if you are a novice user it’s recommended to stick to the “Run All” feature. You can easily download the program from their official site; however you will need to fill a questionnaire before you can download it.

Computer Chip


This is a standalone program from BradyTech Inc. and is extremely easy to use. You will again need to download the ISO image and then burn it to a disc. Once burned, just simply boot from the disc ans begin the free test. The free basic version is good enough for a normal user, however;  if you want advanced options you can easily order a CD with Memtest 86 pre-installed. The CD will contain detailed documentation on how to use the advanced features.

These are my top 3 choices when it comes to free memory tests. If you use a free RAM test not listed here, please feel free to share in the comments.

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