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I have already talked about Windows 8 synching features. However, I have more information to share with all of you on this and below, I will do the same.

Windows 8 - 1

A question that engulfs minds of most of the users is that what happens if a user logs into a new computer? Well, in those scenarios, Windows will automatically download the settings that are tied to your Microsoft account and set up your new computer accordingly. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Metered Connections

You can control synchronization process over the metered connections. The mobile networks are set as metered by Windows 8 by default. If you disable this option, you will not be able to sync on networks where you will be charged for the amount of data which you use. This will reduce the mobile data and thereby help you to save some cash.


Whatever files that you store in the SkyDrive are tied to the Microsoft account you use and you can access all of those from the Modern SkyDrive app as well. You can even access those files right from your desktop, but for that, you need to install the SkyDrive desktop app. This does not come by default with windows.

Windows 8 - 2

Sync Data Removal

The Windows 8 Personal Settings website of Microsoft will let you erase all of the synched settings. First of all, the sync setting has to be manually disabled in all of the Windows 8 computers that you use. Next step is to visit the website mentioned above and click on the Remove button to delete all of your personal settings from the Cloud.

According to preliminary reports, Windows 8.1 which will be known as Windows Blue will have more sync options such as open tabs in the internet explorer, layout of the pinned tiles on the Start screen etc.

When you use the Window 8 computer of yours, Microsoft wants to you be logged in with a Microsoft account. Well, thereby, you get access to Windows Store and other modern apps. Not only that, but, it lets you sync the Windows 8 settings and even some desktop settings as well. This synching process can be completed with help of cloud and your settings will therefore be synched between all the various Windows 8 tablets and computers that you use. The settings will even be backed up with the Microsoft account you use and even when you buy a new PC, the changes will be refreshed for the same.

Windows 8 - 1

If you have a local user account, synching will be disabled, but, not if you use a Microsoft account. You can synch everything or can choose to synch only a few types of settings between your tablet and the computer – the decision is yours.

Open the PC settings app and you should be able to find whether synching is enabled or not. Swipe in from the right or press the Windows key and C together for opening the Charms bar and then choose settings. Now, click on the PC settings option which you will find right at the bottom of the settings panel, that’s how you find the PC settings app.

Windows 8 - 2

Now, choose the Synch your settings option and then you will be able to customize the synching configuration. If you wish to disable the synching of the settings, just slide the Sync settings at the top of the screen to off. If you wish, you can disable only a few types of settings as well and let the others synch as you wish.

Windows 8 synching and de-synching is a rather large topic and it may not be possible to define everything in a single article. Hence, this article will end here, but, I will soon come back with further information on Windows 8 synching procedure.

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