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Previously, I have talked about the basics of Razor Comms. Now, it’s time to discuss more on the same. As you know, it’s a voice chat program and here, I will focus more on how it manages contacts with channels and groups.

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I’ll call it a hybrid approach of managing chat channels. This is unlike the programs such as Mumble or Ventrilo which have a central server and individual channels within the same. On the other hand, for Skype, you need to have a central account and you can chat with different groups or users at the same time. There is no dedicated server as such.

Though similar to Skype, Razor Comms has a central account for chatting and you can create various channels and groups as your wish. A group is a collection of individuals. On the other hand, a channel can be defined as a subsection of a group. Only a few specific members of a group can use channels to discuss things. Creating a group or channel is pretty easy and anyone can create one.

Once you have created a channel and are into it, you can click on the headphones icon (You will see it at the top left side of the main window). This will enable the voice chat function for you. Once enabled, you will be able to voice chat with everyone else who is part of the channel and has enabled the voice chat feature, just like you.

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While using the voice chat feature, you have several options such as self-mute (Your microphone doesn’t register in this case), mute others (If you find someone annoying, you can make use of this feature) or self-deafen (You cannot hear what anybody else is saying after enabling this feature).

Razor Comms definitely has scope of improvement once we start to consider the performance of the same. It hung many times while I was using it and that gets annoying after some time. However, I’ll still let it go as the program is still in its beta version.

Multiplayer gaming has a fast-paced nature and voice communication is an awesome bit of technology which complements it to the core. With voice communication, you don’t need to type out the long messages and you don’t need to sacrifice the game play for real time chatting. Razer which is an established gaming brand already has a new offering for voice communication. Well, the best part is that the program doesn’t cost a single dime. Razer Comms is still in its beta version, but, it already boasts of good enough features to compete with its major competitors such as RaidCall, TeamSpeak, Skype, Ventrilo etc.

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Razer Comms User Interface

As soon as you open the software, the main contact window appears in front of you. This one lets you keep track of your friends, your groups, your conversations, the games that you are playing etc.

The software supports a multi-window layout rather than a single window for maintaining all the elements. It’s definitely convenient to have multiple windows for contacts, conversations, preferences; however, if you cannot manage things well, it can become bothersome for you.

Installed Games – Integration with Razor Comms

This is a high point for Razor Comms as it integrates with not only the newly installed games, but also with the ones which are already there in your system. Surprisingly, even if you don’t install the games in your C folder, the software is still able to look through the installed games. You can directly launch the games from the software itself.

Razor Comms - 2

General Preferences

I didn’t expect much on this front, as Razor Comms is still a beta program. To my amazement, there are number of preferences to fit your requirements. You can get sound and popup notifications. Apart from that, the input sensitivity, volume, push to talk features can definitely be modified based on your requirements.

There’s lot more to talk of Razor Comms which I will do in a later article for sure. For the time being, I’ll conclude here. If you want to share any experience of yours with me and the other readers regarding Razor Comms or any other similar software, please use the comments feature.

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