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Popular podcast iOS client on Instacast has come up with a new version for the MAC users. If the desktop version of the app is considered, it is still in open public beta; hence, many improvements are expected to come before the app hits its prime time. However, for the time being, it looks like to be shaping up as an awesome podcast client.

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The beta version of this app will run till the end of this month, so, if you are interested, you’ll have a single month to test it out. The final release will probably not be free, so, that’s another reason to try it out right now.

Right from the application, it is possible for you to subscribe to numerous popular podcasts. If you see that a particular podcast is not featured in the app (You’ll understand this by searching the podcast name in the app’s search field), you can import the same manually using the exact feed URL.

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If you are subscribed to a particular show, the new episodes will automatically be downloaded as soon as those are posted. The shows are presented in a slick and easy to navigate layout, hence, you can listen to the favorite podcasts without any unnecessary fluff whatsoever.

There’s another cool feature of this iOS app that I’ll like to mention here. You can synchronize the podcasts between your devices by creating an Instacast account. Thereby, you can listen to the podcasts no matter if you are at home or you have started to venture out into the world. If you have loved using the beta version, the same can be purchased for a price of $14.99. Well, it is still less than the official launching price of the next month. As the app is still in beta, you may see bugs. If you do, make sure to report those to the creators, so that the final app released is pretty smooth.

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