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Should you Use Pinterest?

March 12th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Social Networking

Everyone uses social networking sites in search of traffic boost to the website and with the growing user base of Pinterest, there is no reason for you not to join the Pinterest bandwagon. If you are not aware of Pinterest, this is an image sharing site with a twist. Here, you can share your images as pins and put them under relevant category through the boards available. You can create a new board of your own as well. If your images are liked by other users, those will be repined by them. If you are able to generate good enough repins and comments for your image, it may end up on the popular page, thereby generating huge traffic for the same.

Pinterest - 1

What images To Choose?

Probably, a controversial image will help you get immediate recognition. However, the same can get flagged pretty fast as well, thereby resulting your account to get banned. Rather, you should go for high resolution images that either are funny or have a feel-good factor with it (It is important to have copyright over the same of use a free licensed image). If you are running out of ideas, check out the popular page and you should understand what images work the most. Some even directly save the images found on the popular page and share those through their account. Though some of the re-uploaded images on the popular page can still end up there again, on the longer run, this trick won’t yield desired results.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

While pinning an image, you can add a link to the same. That’s where you need to link to your website. Now, your website should not be linked in every single image you publish, that’ll end up your account being flagged. If your image becomes popular, traffic will automatically be driven towards your website, no matter whether the linked image in particular has got popular or not.

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There are lots of marketing techniques when it comes to Pinterest and we’ll discuss more elaborately in some other article. If you have any experience on using Pinterest for driving traffic to your website, please share your experiences through the comments feature.

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