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Share Files via Twitter with Help of Pigeon Carrier

November 6th, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Social Networking

Twitter is definitely the biggest micro-blogging platform and people from all over the world use it for broadcasting certain information or messaging others. Now days, people are using it even for hosting photo galleries. With all these features already in place, many are asking for a sharing feature to be available via Twitter so that one can tweet certain attachments and those can be shared among users.

Pigeon Carrier

Thanks to Pigeon Carrier, a new Firefox add-on and Google Chrome extension, you can now share files right from Twitter. This combines the features of DropBox and Twitter. You can upload a file to DropBox and then through Twitter share that with whomever you want to.

Using Pigeon Carrier

First of all, create a new DropBox account or use an already existing one. During your first usage of Pigeon Carrier with Twitter, you will be asked to authorize the app in your Twitter account.

Pigeon Carrier

If you have done this correctly, you should see a new “Add Attachment” button right to the tweet button. Clicking on the button, you can easily upload an attachment from your system. Once the upload is complete, you have to confirm the attachment and you can then send out the tweet. Others will be able to click the attachment and download that file.

Whatever files you attach through a tweet will be stored in your DropBox account’s Pigeon Carrier specific folder.

Pigeon Carrier

What happens to users who don’t have Pigeon Carrier?

Well, they won’t be able to see either “Add Attachment” button while tweeting or the “Attachment” link in a sent tweet. It’s best to tweet the direct download link to that file via Twitter if you need to share anything with people without Pigeon Carrier.

The extension is extremely easy to use and it basically streamlines the file sharing process. I loved using it, if you have used it as well, please share your thoughts through the comments section.

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