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New Features of Amazon Kindle App 3.6

March 7th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Smartphones

I have been a fan of the Kindle app since its release and as Amazon has now come up with the 3.6 version of the same, I could not help myself but talking about this latest development. Many complain that the compatriot iBooks is rich in features, however, thanks to this latest release; I sincerely hope that there will be less people complaining.

Kindle - 1

X-Ray for All Types of Books

Well, this has been available since the last version, however, now, you can use the built-in encyclopedia for defining certain terms of not only a textbook, but non-textbooks, such as novels as well. This is however only available for paid books and is working exclusively for English titles as of now. Also, you need to have iOS 5 or higher installed in your device for proper working of this functionality.

Book End Actions

Once you have finished reading a kindle book, you can share the same. Not only that, you can compose a review of the book as well (Remember, it must be 20 words long at least). Once you turn to the last page of the book, you will see a page popping up called “Book End Actions.” Here, you will also find Amazon suggestions for similar types of books.

Kindle - 2

Multi-Color Highlights

This has been available in iBooks for quite some time already, however, now, you will enjoy this feature in Kindle app as well. This feature can be used to highlight different text parts in different colors. The last color you use will become your highlight color by default (Off course, you can change that). These multi-colored highlights are visible in the desktop version of Kindle reader as well.

According to me, these updates were long overdue. Amazon Kindle app requires some new features in its next version for sure, to stay competitive in today’s tough market.

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