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MAC Productivity Apps Explained – Part I

May 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Mac

I cannot call it a series of these many parts as I really don’t know where it is going to end. However, through this series, I’ll discuss some free or pretty cheap MAC apps that have helped me to make my life simpler. Well, I call these productive apps as these help me to be more productive while I am working. These not only help me save time, but at the same time, help me to complete the work more efficiently:

Productivity Apps - 1


It’s tough to work without a good calendar. OS X has its default Calendar application; still, I will suggest you to go for Fantastical. The app costs $19.99, but undoubtedly is the best calendar app that you can ever run on the MAC.

All the calendar events can not only be edited or checked, but you can create schedules too right from the menu bar of the MAC. Creating a new event is pretty easy. You just need to open the drop down window of Fantastical and then you should enter the relevant data for that event. Instead of clicking the numbers and times, you should just write the event simply. It’s just like writing the same on a scratch sheet of blank paper.

Productivity Apps - 2

Let me give you an example for your better understanding. Suppose, you want to schedule a lunch meeting for next Friday. Now, you just need to type Lunch with Client A next Fri, 12.30 PM at Restaurant A. As you type these data, Fantastical will fill in all the data for you. Yes, it is really that easy!

The exact type of reminders you want for the calendar events can be preset by you. Fantastical synchronizes with the Calendar application of Apple. However, an iPhone version is available for Fantastical as well costing $8.99. If you have experience of using Fantastical, I’ll love to hear your thoughts on the same.

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