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How to Search the Internet from the Start Menu / Customize the Shutdown Button

October 9th, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in I've Always Wondered...

Today I will share two Windows 7 tricks; How to Search the Internet from the Start Menu, and How to Customize the Shutdown Button.

Searching the Internet from the Start Menu

Windows 7 Search Internet

The search box functionality in Windows 7 (from the Start Menu) is a great way to find any file, folder or document located on your computer or any attached drives. There is a little known secret you can enable that will also make your life easier- you can use that same functionality to perform Internet searches as well. How you might ask? Its simple…

  • Go to the search box in your start menu and type GPEDIT.MSC, then hit enter and the Group Policy Editor should open. (Note this will not work on Windows 7 Home Editions, only Pro and Ultimate)
  • From there, select User Configuration, Administrative Templates, then Start Menu and Taskbar.
  • You should  see “Add Search Internet link to Start Menu.” Select this.
  • You have now enabled Internet Search.

From now on, whenever you start typing in the search box, a link titled “Search the Internet” will now appear above . When you click on that link your default browser will open a search.

Customize the Shutdown Button

When you click the shutdown button, by default, it turns off your computer. However, you can change this to any of the other shutdown functions you like quite easily.

Right click on the start button and select properties. You will not have a window with three tabs- Taskbar, Start Menu, and Toolbars. Click the Start Menu tab. You will see a drop-down titled “Power button action.” Select the action that you will like to show up as default. The choices are: Shut Down, Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep and Switch User. Once you make your selection click OK- and you should be all set.

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