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How to Save Hundreds on a New Computer

March 30th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Buying New Stuff

How to Save Hundreds on a New Computer

Computer technology is always improving, and a few years from now, your new computer you bought yesterday will be obsolete.  Obsolesce; however is not necessarily a terrible thing.

If you have been thinking about replacing your older computer and buying a new one, you have a large number of options at your disposal.  Nowadays people want the latest and greatest, so as long as you don’t need the newest tablet, you can usually save a bunch of money on a new computer; here’s how:

Keep in mind, most people when they buy a new computer, get something really expensive that they didn’t need in the first place.  We won’t be doing that; we’re going to only buy exactly what we need, shop around, and we won’t be buying any extended warranties.

Search Online

The best deals are usually online.  Not always, but when it comes to technology, the most competitive retailers are usually online.  When you walk into your local computer store, you are paying more for service.  This is ok usually, as I am a normally a big fan of paying people what they are worth; however we’re on a strict budget.

No Additional Software

When you buy a new computer, sometimes there is additional productivity and security software bundled with it.  We won’t need any of that.  You can save hundreds on your new computer if you just make sure that you aren’t paying for any additional software you don’t need.  You can always add these later if the need arises.  My personal favorite is to use the free security application; Microsoft Security Essentials, instead of paying for anti-virus programs.  If you have a legal copy of windows, you are eligible to download this great security program for free.

No Extended Warranty

Extended warranties usually seem like a good idea.  However; when you actually take a look at what the factory warranty covers and how long it lasts, you will realize that by the time it runs out, you will probably want a new computer anyway.

The factory warranty timeframe is usually around 24 or 36 months; so instead of getting an extended warranty, just save the money for a new pc in a couple of years.

Following the tips above can easily save you hundreds on your new computer without sacrificing performance.

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