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How to Re-Install Firmware on your iPod

March 30th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Portability

How to Re-Install Firmware on your iPod

If you are a frustrated iPod owner, this article is for you.  iPods are great devices, but sometimes they start acting up.  If your iPod is behaving strangely and you have tried everything possible to repair it; then re-installing the firmware can’t hurt.

Re-installation of firmware is a last resort measure you should only do if everything else you have tried has failed.  You will have to erase your entire iPod to do this; therefore backup all of your data and music before you start.

Step 1: Erase your iPod

Erasing your iPod is simple, it just varies slightly depending on your operating system.

1. MAC OS X. Proceed to the Disk Utility (DU). DU can be accessed via — Macintosh HD> Applications> Utilities.  Once you have the Disk Utility window open, look for your iPod in the list.  Select it and then click repair.  Then just select “Erase” to erase your iPod’s memory.

2. Windows.  If you are running Windows, open “My Computer” and find your iPod.  Right click on the iPod icon, and select “Format”.  Under formatting options, select “FAT 32”, and then click on “Format.”  Formatting in this fashion automatically erases all data on your iPod.  Once formatting is completed, you may be prompted to reboot your computer – this is purely an optional step.

Step 2: Restore your iPod

Your iPod should now be as good as new.  Open iTunes – iTunes should automatically find the iPod and connect.  If it does, you will then be prompted with how to re-install the firmware on your iPod – simply follow the on screen instructions.

If iTunes does not prompt you, look for the “Source” column in the left half of the iTunes window.  Choose your iPod from this column, and then select “Summary”.  “Summary” is located at the top of the iTunes window alongside “Music”, “Contacts”, and “Photos.”  Then click on “Restore” in the “Summary” window.  If you are prompted for your username and password, type them, then acknowledge the restore process.  Your iPod’s factory settings will now be restored.  After the restoration process is complete, remove the cable connecting your iPod to your computer.  Upon disconnection, your iPod will immediately prompt you to reconnect it.  After reconnecting, your iPod will now update and restart.  After your iPod has restarted, you should see a “Do not disconnect” message on its screen.

iTunes will then prompt you to name your iPod.  Once you type in a name and select “Done”, iTunes’ main window will be displayed.  Wait until you get an “Update Completed” confirmation, and then you may quit the program.  Remove the cable from your iPod, and a few seconds later your iPod will display “Language” options.  Simply select your language, and then you’re done.  If your iPod does not power on, it may just need to charge for 24 hours.  After it has fully charged, try it again.  If you are still having difficulty at this point, it may be time to have your iPod looked at.  If the iPod’s warranty is still valid, you can contact Apple via their support page.  If the warranty is expired, there are a number of places that will work on your iPod for a fair price, just perform a local search for iPod Repair.  Hopefully this will help you solve your iPod woes.

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