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How to Connect Two Computers with a USB Cable

March 27th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Networking

How to Connect Two Computers with a USB Cable

Did you know you can connect two computers, for sharing files, using a USB cable?  Not a normal USB cable like you would to connect a peripheral to a computer with, but a special USB cable called a Bridged USB, or USB networking cable.  Don’t try to connect two computers using a normal USB cable, as this can cause system damage.

Here’s how you do it:

Buy a Special USB cable- You will need a bridged USB cable or a USB networking cable, you can get this cable from your local computer store.  If you can’t remember which type when you get there, just ask them for the USB cable to connect two computers together.  Now, there are a couple different versions of USB cables out there, make sure the cable you buy is USB 2.0.  USB 2.0 means it has a maximum file transfer speed of 480 mb/s or Megabits per second.  If you buy a USB1.1 cable then you will be limited to a max transfer speed of 11mbp/s; Obviously not ideal when transferring large files,  as you will want the faster speed.  To fully utilize a USB 2.0 cable, each computer will need to have a USB 2.0 port.

Install Drivers- There should be a driver packaged with the cable when you buy it.  Run the driver install program from the attached CD, then follow the on screen prompts to complete the install of the driver.

Modes- You will be prompted to choose one of the following choices when installing the driver: Link Mode or Network Mode

Link Mode- Link Mode allows transfer of individual files between computers at the highest speed the cable and USB ports will support.

Network Mode- Network Mode is really the best option if security is not a concern.  Network mode allows all of the options in link mode (sharing files) as well as the ability to share folders, share an internet connection, and share printers.

After installing the driver go to the hardware manager, and check to see that the USB cable driver is correctly installed.  After the driver has been successfully installed on both computers, simply connect the USB cable to both computers.

If using network mode, make sure you enable sharing from within the Network Connections folder right click on the network which is connected to the Internet and select properties. Under the advanced tab, check the box to allow a shared internet connection. This will allow this computer to act as the internet host, and grant access to other computers in the network.

After restarting, both computers will be networked. You can now pool network resources; such as individual files, folders, printers, and internet connections.  Using this method you can link as many computers together as you wish and share resources.

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