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How to Buy an Inexpensive Computer

April 3rd, 2012 | Posted by admin in Buying New Stuff

How to Buy an Inexpensive Computer

Nowadays, most people have a home computer, or a laptop.  The information age necessitates the importance of staying connected, and many of us have jobs where we need access to a computer daily.  Needless to say, having a computer is absolutely essential.

The reality is that most of us don’t need the latest and greatest technology for just word processing, surfing the internet, checking email, and listening to music.  Any cheap computer will be able to do those tasks no problem, and often at a fraction of the price of a brand new decked out computer.  Unless you are editing graphics, encoding video, or playing the latest games, you can get away with a very basic computer, often a significantly cheaper model.  Also don’t buy an expensive computer or laptop just to watch videos and be able to play DVDs, any computer made after 2005 should be able to play HD videos no problem.  If you computer has gotten slower over time, perhaps doing some periodic maintenance is the solution.

If something were to happen to your laptop, or home desktop computer, how would you do these basic tasks?  Dust off the old typewriter?  I don’t think so; which is ok, because a good computer can be bought for much less than you think.  There is absolutely no need to drop thousands of dollars just to perform simple computing tasks.

Since computer technology is constantly improving, over spending now may leave you unable to buy a new computer when you actually need one.  Computers have a relatively short lifespan compared to most major consumer goods, and the likelihood of owning the same computer for more than 5 years is pretty slim.  Why spend all of your money on just one now?  You will most likely want an upgrade at some point in the future, so why spend thousands now?

The price for computers, unlike most goods and services, tends to drop over time.  Competition is part of the reason; rapidly increasing demands for new technology and profits for the companies that deliver is the other.  Look at some of the great technology brands you know and love.  I bet you wouldn’t log onto the Apple© homepage and expect to find a laptop for under a hundred dollars advertised, would you?  Of course not.  Why not?  Because Apple© is a premium brand in consumer electronics.  They deliver above and beyond what most people need at a substantial premium.  Why do people buy these computers if they are so expensive?  Some people need that specific device for their job, and it is worth the extra cost to them.

Just as there are premium brands, there are also basic brands.  My personal favorite computer brands are HP© and Dell©.  HP has lots of corporate contracts, and often offer bulk discounts to companies that purchase several computers at once.  Dell does the same, and you can often find used computers from these two brands, with yesterday’s technology, off corporate lease.  Off lease computers are great, and they often will continue to work beautifully for many additional years after you buy them.  Large corporations know that after a certain time period, the failure rate per unit goes up.  To avoid this hassle, they upgrade after a few years.  This is great for the average person looking for an inexpensive computer, and these can often be found online for fewer than a hundred dollars.

Having a cheap computer around can be great, especially if two or more people want to use a computer at the same time in your house.

If you don’t like the idea of buying a used computer, not all is lost; you can still buy a new computer at a great price. How you might ask?  Computer manufacturers and retailers know that you often will look at brands you know and trust when purchasing new consumer items – so, they often sell inexpensive base models at minimal profit.  They do this to stay competitive and so when you go to buy a new top of the line computer, you think of them.  Also, they know the real money in retail computers isn’t made on a per unit basis; it’s made at the corporate level in bulk purchases of custom computers.  Significant profits in selling computers are only really made at the custom level; so if you want to save money don’t buy custom.

It can be easy to buy an inexpensive computer on a budget; hopefully this article saves you money on your next computer purchase.

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