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How Does MacHider Help in Hiding Your System Files?

May 27th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Mac

In case you are a user of MAC OS X, you don’t require any specialized third part security software for keeping the important data out of the intruders. If you use the FileVault option found in System Preferences with a strong user account password, the entire disk of yours will be encrypted automatically.

MacHider - 1

Most of the time, MAC OS X has been proved to be doing a great job in keeping the data protected. However, the most sensitive time for my data is when the computer is used by me actively. No, I am not talking of any Trojans or other digital intruders. It does not matter how secure my system is, if others can look at all the files of my system just by looking over my shoulder. Hence, I feel that the most important files with sensitive information should always be hidden from sight and today, I’ll talk about a tool that helps you in achieving this – MacHider.

MacPaw is the developer behind MacHider and the software costs $9.99. MacPaw incidentally, is behind many other popular software such as CleanMyPC, CleanMyDrive and CleanMyMac. The user interface of MacHider is really nice, just like the other products of MacPaw.

MacHider - 2

Hiding a file is important because others in that case, won’t even know that the sensitive files ever existed. You need to drag and drop files onto the main panel of the application and thereby those are added to the overarching collection of All Files. Each of the files can individually be hidden; otherwise, you can toggle the big Hide switch that can be found in the top right corner.

You can even create custom groups of your choice and thereby have fine control over the hiding activities. Some of the custom groups can be Private Files and Secret Pictures. The custom groups can be edited and you can create other custom groups with a name of your choice as well.

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