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How Does 4K Video Downloader Work?

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Content

YouTube gets more visitors everyday than population of some of the biggest nations. The biggest video sharing website in the online world has good enough videos to keep one intrigued for an entire day. Well, the internet connection is not fast for everyone and many users like to download a YouTube video first to the system and then watch it.

4K Video Downloader - 1

Today, I will talk about one software which works amazingly well for downloading YouTube videos. I know there are other similar apps, but, I will mention this software here because it is pretty well organized. The name is 4K Video Downloader and I just loved using this.

The software is free to use, but unless you actually want it, don’t end up installing the Oople toolbar. While installing the software, you need to click on Custom Installation and then unselect all of the checkboxes.

The application is pretty simple look wise. It’s nothing but a box which you can place on the screen. It is ready to accept the videos from almost any site in the world from where you wish to download videos for watching at a later time.

4K Video Downloader - 2

The only two tasks that you need to complete are highlighting the URL present in your browser and copy the same. You can also copy the URL that your friends may have shared in Facebook or other similar social networking websites. Now, just right click anywhere inside the 4K Video Downloader box and then select the option Paste URL. 4K Video Downloader will now automatically detect any available video in the webpage mentioned by you. You can save the video in numerous available formats.

The download process will automatically launch inside the center pane and it will continue in the background. There is also a Smart Mode available through which you can select a resolution and file format. All the videos will get downloaded in the resolution and format you select in Smart Mode by default.

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