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How Do Gentle Alarm and UNIQLO Wake Up Help to Attend Early Morning Appointments?

April 12th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Smartphones

Android apps can help you with a lot of stuff. You can learn to do mathematics; you can start cooking through android apps as well. There is another thing for which you can take help of the android apps and that is to wake up early in the morning. Well, you must agree that lifestyles have changed a lot and almost all of us find it very hard to make it to the early morning appointments. To help you out, here are a couple of alarm clock apps that work on Android platform:

Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm

Alarm clock Android app list can never be complete without Gentle Alarm. You can customize it to make the most generic alarm clock ever or the most unique you can ever find as well. You can set regular alarms for normal weekdays, however, the feature list doesn’t end right here.

You can preset the time to let the alarm go off. You can control different aspects of the alarm sound as well, such as fade-in-duration and maximal volume. You can listen to voice commands too; it can read a message out load also. If you have the free version, remember that the app doesn’t ring on Wednesdays. The paid version costs $2.7.



This one changes with the weather. It’s pretty different look wise, from the other apps covered in this article. The pastel colors are pretty bright; there are sweet music and vocals available as well. I personally found the look to be appealing; however, I understand that it may not suit everyone.

This app is free and no advertisements are displayed either. However, features are kind of limited. You can set alarm on a recurring note, set the length of snooze and that’s pretty much it. Apart from being an alarm clock, it tells you which day it is and also about the weather.

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