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Holmes Lets You Search for Chrome Bookmarks

February 26th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Surfing

Bookmarks make an easy way to remember what you regularly browse or where you will like to get back to at a later time. Well, we often end up abusing this otherwise wonderful system of bookmarking as we tend to keep everything under the bookmarks. As a result, things get messy and sometimes, we find it hard to locate a specific bookmark that we may need. Well, we can arrange these in folders, but, even the folders can get tough to manage in case, you save a lot of them.

Holmes - 1

If you are using Chrome, you can be a little relaxed though. In form of Holmes, you get an easy to use Chrome extension that helps you to search through your bookmarks.

How Does Holmes Work?

Before getting into details, let me compliment it for its name. To be honest, a search tool can hardly find a better name than this. On first look, anyone will find it neat and spiffy, perfectly complimenting the detective whose name it has lent. The latest version of this extension has Omibox integration enabled as well.

Thanks to Omnibox integration, you don’t need to click the icon for extension. You can just type in “*” (Remove the double quotes while putting it actually) in the Omnibox and then press tab. You can then type in the keyword and search for the specific bookmark. To open a bookmark, go down to the same and press Enter. There are a few shortcut keys as well:

Holmes - 2

Ctrl+Enter is for opening a bookmark in the background. This keeps Holmes open.

Keyword “new” will help you find the 20 latest bookmarks.

Keyword “new:[your search phrase]” can sort your results as newest first and find bookmarks based on the search phrase entered.

While using Holmes, you can eradicate the bookmarklets from the search results as well.

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