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HeapNote Student – a Chrome Extension to Help Students Organizing Their Notes

February 11th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Surfing

As a student, do not you often thrive for a tool for organizing everything related to your study at a single place? Well, a Google Chrome extension named as HeapNote Student can actually help you out with this. This will allow you to organize all the assignments and student notes online. You can also take notes, manage the schedules, keep track of all of your grades and assignments, organize the homework and research. The list does not end here though!

HeapNote Student - 1

HeapNote is a single tool for convenient, functional and practical note taking system. After you install the same and restart your Google Chrome browser, you will see the 4 default tabs named as Welcome, Schedule, Exams and Grades. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to those 4 tabs only as you can easily create custom tabs of your own. In the Exams tab, you can list all of your upcoming exams or any relevant information on the same. The past exams can also be deleted and you can also group the exams according to the subjects. Your notes can be listed anywhere in the app depending on the subject for which you have taken the note.

Your weekly schedule can be managed through the Schedule tab and you can also keep the to-do lists over there. HeapNote Student has an integration feature with Google Drive, so if you have an account with it and you are signed in to the account, all of your data will be backed up automatically in your Google Drive account.

HeapNote Student - 2

The extension uses a rich text editor, which, according to me, for students is quite useful. You can share all of your data with other classmates as well. You can create tables with any sort of information through HeapNote Student.

Overall, I liked this Chrome extension and if any of the readers use this in future, don’t forget to share the views through the comments section.

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