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Have a Better Sleep with Sleep Cycle Alarm

February 1st, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Smartphones

You may not believe it, but, even your sleep can be bettered by an app. Well, there are many apps that do the trick for you and today, I’ll discuss one of them. This is an app for iOS device users and the name is Sleep Cycle Alarm. The app is available at the iTunes store and is priced at $1.99.

Sleep Cycle - 2

Maciek Drejak Labs is behind Sleep Cycle Alarm and this is kind of an all-in-one alarm clock. Apart from waking you up at a pre-decided time, the app determines your sleep habits as well. You just need to place the iPhone next to you before going to sleep and with help of the iPhone inbuilt accelerometer, the app will monitor all of your movements. There are various sleeping habits included in the app such as Wide Awake, Deep Sleep etc. In case you are in the lightest sleep state, the app can automatically wake you up. This ensures that your waking up from sleep is a peaceful and relaxed process.

There are numerous music files available to choose from as alarm tone and you can browse one from your iPhone music file too. Not only that, but for every night, it lists your sleep graphs and the related statistics as well. The alarm tone can easily be snoozed, just by shaking your iPhone.

Sleep Cycle - 2

I personally found the Sleep Notes section to be interesting as it lists some of the events that can cause disruption in your sleep. The cool thing is that you can export all of your sleep data to an excel sheet for thorough analysis.

There is however a downside to this app. If you sleep with your partner, the app does not have any way of discriminating between your movements and that of your partner’s. This leads to erroneous sleeping data. Also, depending on the bed pattern, the app can miss some of your movements during sleep.

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