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Find Windows Phone Apps with AppFlow App Discovery

April 5th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Smartphones

Mobile phone apps generally have a very short life span. Well, as long as the developer wants them to stay at the app store, these apps surely stay, but, after a few months of its release, the app download frequency per day definitely drops down (Unless the app is a hugely popular one). App users prefer to move on to the next big thing with time.

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It’s actually good to stay updated on things and if you are not really aware of all the latest things happening in the technology world, you should make use of AppFlow App Discovery. One point, this works for Windows Phone apps only. For Android, you already have Google Play Store right?

You can easily locate the best apps for your Windows Phone through AppFlow App Discovery. Forgotten Legends is a particular feature of this app that for me is the main selling point of the same. Here, you find some amazing apps that people are not talking about much. They are still good as they used to be. Just that people don’t talk about these apps more often doesn’t make these apps bad.

The New and Impressive section is also there, helping you to find the current hot apps. The staff picks are also something that you’ll definitely enjoy.

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For me, the default Windows Phone app store is kind or boring and definitely lacks lots of features that you can have with AppFlow App Discovery. You can download all the apps right from AppFlow App Discovery and enjoy using them at your own leisure.

I liked it quite much as AppFlow App Discovery is very easy to use. If you think similarly (Or, even if you don’t), please share your thoughts on the same through the comments section. Not only me, but other readers, will love to read those as well.

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