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Deleting Every Program You Don’t Use – How To Optimize Your Computer

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by admin in Easy Tips

Why You Should Delete Every Program You Do Not Use

When you bought your computer, I’m sure there were quite a few programs installed on it that you weren’t familiar with.  Removing unnecessary programs is one of the keys to keeping a computer running quickly after many years.  If you want quick performance after a few years it is important you optimize your computer.  Deleting every program you do not use is an important part of this.

You can use the programs feature built into Windows, or you can use a third party program like CCleaner.  Each will sort all programs installed on your computer by size, frequency of use, or date installed.  Use these sort functions to remove programs you are not sure of.  If there are a bunch of programs installed on your computer on the same date, before you bought your computer, this is the factory trialware, bloatware, and crapware.  Remove everything you do not use and you will see significantly improved computer performance.  Your computer will run faster and be more responsive.  You will also have a computer that lasts longer at performing basic tasks, and I bet you will even notice a slight increase in battery life as well (if you use a laptop).  If you are unsure what any program does, Google it before you remove it just in case it is something you need.

Each program you install takes up valuable resources, in both terms of the hard drive and the background processes.  Many programs run on startup, even if you are not using them; this means they are consuming the limited resources of your laptop or PC.  Dozens of these programs running at once in the background could dramatically slow down your PC.

You will likely see a significant performance increase from uninstalling any unneeded programs and your computer will thank you in the long run.

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