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Do you want to be more organized, at least when you surf through your Linux system? Well, here is a simple Linux note taking app for you called GNotes which lets you to link one text to another, thereby turning the researching process into an inter-weaving database which you can easily reference at a later point of time. Doesn’t it sound like a personal desktop wiki?

GNote - 1

With GNotes, you can easily outline whatever thoughts you have and store those as well. The linking feature lets you to find these thoughts at a later time as well. If you often forget some of the best ideas that you ever had, GNotes is definitely an app that you should try out.

Once you launch the app, you will be able to see all of your notes. If you wish, there is an option to sort those into Notebooks. You can use the search feature to find the note that you have been looking for as well. If you wish to create a new note, just click on the “Create New Note” and you’re done. A simple note will appear in front of your eyes. Type whatever you want to inside the same and then click at the button at the top right corner for adding the same in a specific notebook. If you wish to link a note, highlight a phrase and hit the “Link” option.

GNote - 2

To be honest, I use the linking feature to create a type of personal database. Remember, that if you type name of a specific note in some other note, automatically, these two get linked.

The source code of GNote is available from Gnome Live and you can get it from distro’s package manager as well. The installation instructions are available in numerous distros too.

The uses for the Internet continue to grow, be it for shopping, keeping in touch, learning, watching, blogging, writing, creating, and a million other things. The number of Internet users continues to increase with each passing year and just like most other things in this world, many people have found ways to steal, exploit, and con others on the Internet. Unscrupulous people will always be a part of life- and since we cant change that fact- here are some of our best tips to help you protect yourself and your personal information.

If you want to remain protected, you must take the first step. No one else can protect your info- and no one else is responsible for it.  Taking personal responsibility is instrumental in staying secure. Here are the top 10 tips that you can implement to avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime:

Social Media

Social networking has become a great way to stay in touch with old friends and share your hopes and dreams; however unfortunately many people leave up personal information on their profiles and / or make private information public without realizing it. Access your profile from another computer without logging in every once in a while and see how much info you can get on yourself- you might just be surprised. Think twice before giving your phone number, personal e-mail address, residential address, workplace related information etc. You wouldn’t give this info to a stranger- so don’t post it blindly on the internet. At the very least verify your privacy settings every once and a while.

Secure Your Computer

You should always have a good anti-virus. If you don’t feel like buying one- and lets face it who does nowadays? – AVG offers a good free anti virus program.  Microsoft also offers a free product called “Security Essentials” which I have also found to be quite good. Turn on your firewall and make sure you block connections from unknown sources. Spybot Search and Destroy offers excellent protection from spyware, malware, scare-ware and associated threats- and best of all its free.

Secure Your Phone

Most people have smartphones nowadays- which can store horrifying amounts of personal data- which pose a real security nightmare if they are ever lost or stolen.  Set a password on your phone, and back up your data regularly.  There are also programs you can download that will allow you to nuke your phone if it is ever lost or stolen- safeguarding your data. If you download any software or applications, ensure they come from reputable companies.

Use Strong Passwords

Nowadays the average person has many different passwords.  This can get confusing- but as a general rule don’t just use the same password over and over. It is important to have strong and diverse passwords. Make sure to use letters, special characters and numbers. Dont pick a word, or a combination of any of the 3 most common passwords; love, god, and password.  This includes all variations such as P@ssword1, or lov3. You should also change your passwords regularly.

Think Before you Click

You will see many links while browsing; not all are reputable. Attachments from unknown sources or even known sources could be harmful in e-mails as well. Occasionally peoples email accounts get hacked- make sure you know what it is before you open it.

Don’t Fall for Scams

Easier said than done- however as a general rule if it sounds too good to be true- it probably is. E-mails claiming that you have won money, a prize, or a free iPad are probably not true. Don’t respond, click links or even open these emails if you can help it- just mark them as spam and move on.

Protect your Personal Information

If a website asks you for personal info or financial information, double-check its authenticity before providing any. Don’t follow links received in emails to your financial institutions either- navigate to their websites directly yourself.

Encrypt Your Personal Data

If you have any sensitive information or files or records in your system, make sure to encrypt them a password protected archive. There are simple programs you can download that will create an encrypted partition on your drive. Also, complete regular backups of your important data and store those backups in a secure location.

Secure Wi-Fi Network

If you use a wireless router at home- put a password on it. Also- make sure the password is not WEP encryption as WEP is easily defeated by brute force attacks. WPA or WPA2 at a minimum.

Seek Help When It’s Needed

Cyber-crime is now a punishable offense and police will prosecute it. However; due to the complex nature of internet crime- and the ease with which computers can jump jurisdictions- it is notoriously difficult to prosecute. However police will prosecute if the crime is serious enough- or in the case of identify theft.  Identity theft is taken very seriously by credit card companies and online merchants alike- so report it, because these companies have the resources to actually track down and prosecute criminals.

I hope these tips will help you to stay safe while browsing online. If you have any other tips or information to share, please feel free to do so.

Top 10 Android Games of 2011

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Top 10 Android Games of 2011

1) Angry Birds- Quite popular and fun.  Free.

2) Contract Killer- Set in Central City, a gangster town. Fun

3) Modern Combat 2, Black Pegasus- Gamers paradise.  A lot of fun.

4) ILLUSIA- $4.99 and a role playing game, similar to World of Warcraft.  Lets you waste endless hours.

5) Pirates and Traders- Awesome RPG.  Lots of fun, and not half bad (free version).  There is a paid version, it is virtually the same, except without advertisements.

6) N.O.V.A- Action game- first person shooter.  Lots of fun and a great time waster.

7) Stellar Escape-  Great graphics and excellent controls.

8- Worms- Based on the PC version of worms.  A lot of fun and great graphics.

9) Astro Defense- Good tower defense premise.  A lot of fun.

10) Cyber Lords- Play as the hero- good graphics, fun premise.  Would recommend for killing a Saturday afternoon.

Top 10 Laptops of 2011

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Top 10 Laptops of 2011


1) Dell XPS 15- A slim, powerful laptop that also looks good. You can choose between a quad core i5 and a faster dual core i7. 6 GB RAM. Premium Stellar JBL speakers coupled with a mini sub woofer. Large touchpad with brushed aluminum case. Nvidia graphics come standard, so HD movies are laughed at. HDMI 1.4 port as well as two USB 3.0 ports.  Best all around laptop.


15.6 Inch Screen

Processor- 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor or i5.

Nvidia 1GB Graphics

Memory- 6GB RAM

Hard Drive- 640 GB.


2) Dell Vostro 3350- A good all-purpose laptop.  Fine for media, light gaming, word processing, and has plenty of RAM.  Has a quad-core processor which should be plenty for everything except the latest games.  Will handle HD movies and media no problem.


13.3 Inch Screen

Processor- Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz processor.

Memory- 4GB RAM

Hard Drive- 320 GB


3) Apple Mac Book Pro- Well thought out engineering and an aluminum unibody.  Not only is the Mac Book sturdy and functional, it looks great.  A lightweight portable laptop, it still retains full computer functionality.  Although a Mac; with Microsoft Office for OS X, you can quickly transfer files back and forth to a PC.  Offers around 7 hours of battery life.


13 Inch scren

Processor- 2.7Ghz – Intel Core i7 dual core.

Memory- 4GB RAM standard, 8GB max.

Hard Drive- 500GB / 5400 RPM (lower power consumption vs. 7200 RPM).


4) HP Pavilion dv6- An inexpensive- all around true multipurpose laptop.  Not engineered for maximum performance, it comes at a modest price.  This laptop is capable however of handling most things you throw at it.  Also comes standard with a finger print reader for some security.  Can deliver modest performance at a decent bargain value.  Not intended for maximum performance, this is an average all-around notebook.  Designed to be used by a student, casual user, backup computer, or for business uses.


15.6 inch screen

Processor- 2.1 GHz Intel Core i3-2310M processor.

Memory- 4GB RAM

Hard Drive- 500 GB.


5) Lenovo ThinkPad X220- Designed for business; excels at business.  Knows its way around a spreadsheet.  Good battery, respectable processor, decent webcam, and minimalistic graphics.  Nothing extra to consume battery life unnecessarily.  HP has long been the industry leader in business notebooks, and the X220 is no disappointment.  Reasonably lightweight, not too big, and a respectable keyboard.


12.5 inch Display

Processor- Intel 2nd Gen Core i5 Intel i5 (Dual-Core)

Memory- 4 GB RAM- Upgradable to 8 GB.

Hard Drive- 320 GB


6) Alienware M15X- This is a gaming laptop hands down.  There is no other purpose for this laptop, except maybe rendering HD video on the fly.  I hope you are close to an outlet, because this laptop comes standard with abysmal battery life.  With such a squishy keyboard, this keyboard is not a typists dream; however it is backlit.  Of course as this is a gaming laptop, its graphics are stellar.  Heavy and big; however much lighter and smaller than toting a desktop computer around if you need serious power.


15 Inch Display

Processor- Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz

Memory- 4 GB

Hard Drive- 320 GB


7) Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A- Brushed aluminum, lightweight, solidly built, and with a good keyboard.  The Series 9 was clearly designed to compete directly with the Mac Book Air.  Though not a maximum performer at 1.4GHZ, it will get most jobs done with ease.  Good battery life, and excellent for someone that needs a solid, lightweight laptop to get work done while on the go.  Equipped with a small SSD for increased reliability and performance.  The SSD also consumes slightly less power, boosting battery life.


Display is 13.3 inches.

Processor- 2nd Gen Intel Core i5-1.4GHz.

Memory- 4 GB RAM

Hard Drive- 128 GB Solid State Drive.


8- Asus – U41JF-A1-Solid performer with switchable graphics options. Very slim, good flush keyboard.  Lightweight with respectable battery life.


14 Inch Display

Processor- Intel Core i3

Memory- 4 GB

Hard Drive- 500 GB


9) Toshiba Portege R835-P56X- Sharp design, pushing 8 hours battery life.  Impressive performance for such a long lasting laptop.  Definitely a laptop to consider if you need battery life as a priority.  Features a number of energy saving designs.  Quite lightweight.


Display Size- 13 Inches

Processor – Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz

Memory- 4 GB

Hard Drive- 640 GB


10) Dell Inspiron 14R- Budget laptop, decent all around specs but nothing spectacular.  Comes equipped with USB 3.0 for extremely quick file transfers.  Very nice feature for a budget laptop.


Display Size- 14 Inches

Processor- 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-2310M

Memory- 4 GB

Hard Drive- 500 GB

The Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

The Android Market is full of tons of great applications.  Most of them are free, some are fee-based.  This is a list of the 10 most expensive android applications I have found.

1)      $200.00- Diamond Club Black- Serves no purpose- costs up to $200.00. Different membership levels – Blue is $0.99, Pink is $10 and your status is “HOT”. White – $50 with a caption of “High Roller”.  Black (the most expensive rank – aka VIP Club) – $200.  Once again, an utterly useless app, although it does display a diamond.

2)      $200.00- The Elite Club- Seeing a trend here?  $200.00 is the most you can charge for an app in the Google Play Store.  A completely and utterly useless app that simply makes you a member of “The Elite Club”.  Wahoo!

3)      $199.99- California Bar Exam- Created by developed by Celebration Bar review for bar exam prep.  Contains audio and video lectures as well as PDF files for students to prepare for the exam.  Has high reviews.

4)      $195- pcMapper- Designed for map editing and GIS data collection. Can import or export shape files and dBase tables.  Can also measure heights and distances with the camera on your phone.  Offline capability and Windows sync compatibility.  Highly praised as well.

5)      $149.99- Anesthesia Central- Designed as a tool for Anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and trainees.  Contains general info and an indexed drug reference.  Well organized, and highly praised.  Created by Unbound- they have several other medical apps too.

6)      $129.99- G Core Green Caddy- Designed as a “Golf Buddy” / Electronic Caddy.  Uses maps of known courses in the US and combines that data with the GPS on your phone to give you exact measurements while on the course; such as distance to the hole.

7)      $125.00- Pilot My Cast- Designed for aviation planning.  Made by Garmin, offers a number of flight planning tools for pilots, such as weather, advisory notices, and pilot reports.  Allows one to make and file flight plans directly from their phone.  Can also save previous plans for quick recall and filing the next time.

8)      $99.95- 5 Minute Clinical Consult- Includes information on over 900 medical conditions to help you identify any health problems.  Supports voice recognition and is somewhat popular in the nursing profession.

9)      $60.00- Mobile Navigator GPS by Navigon- Hi-Res GPS with loads of features.  More expensive than Google Maps (which is free), but with better graphics.  Great if you don’t want to buy a standalone GPS unit and have battery life to burn, could be your dream app- if you get lost a lot.  Includes text-to-speech, lane assistant pro, and live traffic updates.

10)   $30.00- Log Me in VNC- For remotely logging into any authorized computer on your phone.  You can view the screen and manipulate the mouse over a secure connection.

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