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Do you hate to type through your computer’s keyboard? Well, typing can get addicting at times (Look at me, I am so used to typing, that I cannot think of spending even an hour on the computer without putting my hands on the keyboard), however, for many, it is more of a botheration. In such scenarios, a speech to text application can do wonders for you.

Oweb Voice Input - 1

In general, the web browsers don’t come up with the facility of speech to text. However, if you are using Google Chrome, an extension can be of real help to you. I am talking about Oweb Voice Input.

After you install Oweb Voice Input and restart the Chrome browser, you will see a small microphone icon in your web browser. To activate speech to text functionality in your web browser, you just need to click on the same. Now, whatever you speak into the microphone will be converted into text.

To test this out, I tried to make a Google search entering search phrase through the microphone. Well, it almost perfectly understood what I wanted to search for. One thing to remember is that you need to utter the words clearly and give a few seconds pause between two different words.

Oweb Voice Input - 2

The extension has been developed by Wei Lou and it will work on any webpage that has textboxes in it. You can configure the extension to start automatically as well. Otherwise, there is always the option to manually start it.

I was not overwhelmed by using Oweb Voice Input; however, the experience was not bad either. If you have not tried this out yet, make sure to install the same and see how it works. Don’t forget to share what you think of Oweb Voice Input through the comments feature.

Google Chrome is definitely one of the most popular internet browsers of this time and Google is keeping no stones unturned to make it even better. Well, the company is currently focusing so that Chrome identifies the annoying sound emitting tab on the browser. Well, I am sure, that people reading this, get annoyed when they hear those pesky auto playing advertisements while browsing through internet, just like me.

Chrome - 1

Tabs with sound playing within them will contain an animated audio indicator. This animation will have a six frame throbber picture on the tab icon itself. According to the latest code review conducted, the animation is very short at this point of time, but, still good enough for testing purposes. It is expected that the aesthetics of the animation will get changed if this tweak is included as part of a public release.

Now, there are several factors to consider and one of them is: tracking tabs that are currently active. If you are not getting it, let me explain it to you in simpler words. Suppose, you are listening to music in one tab, however, on the other tab, you have Facebook open. Now, the tab playing the sound is definitely not the more active of the two, however, you still need it as you want to continue listening to the songs.

Chrome - 2

The feature is reportedly a part of the Canary Build already. However, there is no guarantee that the same will ever be released for actual users publicly.

Do you feel that an audio indicator for the tabs works? Do you think that such a feature will be very useful to the users? Make sure to speak on this matter using the comments feature. I will definitely like to hear you all out.

Bookmarks make an easy way to remember what you regularly browse or where you will like to get back to at a later time. Well, we often end up abusing this otherwise wonderful system of bookmarking as we tend to keep everything under the bookmarks. As a result, things get messy and sometimes, we find it hard to locate a specific bookmark that we may need. Well, we can arrange these in folders, but, even the folders can get tough to manage in case, you save a lot of them.

Holmes - 1

If you are using Chrome, you can be a little relaxed though. In form of Holmes, you get an easy to use Chrome extension that helps you to search through your bookmarks.

How Does Holmes Work?

Before getting into details, let me compliment it for its name. To be honest, a search tool can hardly find a better name than this. On first look, anyone will find it neat and spiffy, perfectly complimenting the detective whose name it has lent. The latest version of this extension has Omibox integration enabled as well.

Thanks to Omnibox integration, you don’t need to click the icon for extension. You can just type in “*” (Remove the double quotes while putting it actually) in the Omnibox and then press tab. You can then type in the keyword and search for the specific bookmark. To open a bookmark, go down to the same and press Enter. There are a few shortcut keys as well:

Holmes - 2

Ctrl+Enter is for opening a bookmark in the background. This keeps Holmes open.

Keyword “new” will help you find the 20 latest bookmarks.

Keyword “new:[your search phrase]” can sort your results as newest first and find bookmarks based on the search phrase entered.

While using Holmes, you can eradicate the bookmarklets from the search results as well.

As a student, do not you often thrive for a tool for organizing everything related to your study at a single place? Well, a Google Chrome extension named as HeapNote Student can actually help you out with this. This will allow you to organize all the assignments and student notes online. You can also take notes, manage the schedules, keep track of all of your grades and assignments, organize the homework and research. The list does not end here though!

HeapNote Student - 1

HeapNote is a single tool for convenient, functional and practical note taking system. After you install the same and restart your Google Chrome browser, you will see the 4 default tabs named as Welcome, Schedule, Exams and Grades. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to those 4 tabs only as you can easily create custom tabs of your own. In the Exams tab, you can list all of your upcoming exams or any relevant information on the same. The past exams can also be deleted and you can also group the exams according to the subjects. Your notes can be listed anywhere in the app depending on the subject for which you have taken the note.

Your weekly schedule can be managed through the Schedule tab and you can also keep the to-do lists over there. HeapNote Student has an integration feature with Google Drive, so if you have an account with it and you are signed in to the account, all of your data will be backed up automatically in your Google Drive account.

HeapNote Student - 2

The extension uses a rich text editor, which, according to me, for students is quite useful. You can share all of your data with other classmates as well. You can create tables with any sort of information through HeapNote Student.

Overall, I liked this Chrome extension and if any of the readers use this in future, don’t forget to share the views through the comments section.

Regular YouTube users always have some special preferences when it comes to watching the videos in the largest video sharing platform in the world. YouTube, despite the recent changes introduced, is still not a completely flexible or customizable platform, but, if you use Google Chrome as your primary internet browser, you can make use of some of the available Chrome extensions for making YouTube video viewing experience much better and hassle free.

YouTube Preview - 1

Today, we will discuss such an amazing Chrome extension known as YouTube Preview.

YouTube Preview

If you move from one video to another in YouTube throughout the day with help of the recommended right sidebar, this extension will help you big time. We generally move to another video judging the thumbnail and many times, we find the new video not to be satisfactory. YouTube preview can help you find more information on the video just by taking a look at the thumbnail.

Under each of the video thumbnails, you will see colorful red and green bars. These indicate the popularity of that particular video and also represent the number of likes that the same has received from the viewers. In case you hover over the thumbnail picture, the video will start playing from the thumbnail position and thus you will get a short walkthrough of the actual video. Though you still don’t get to see the entire video, this according to me, is an awesome way of judging whether to watch a particular video or not.

YouTube Preview - 2

After you actually get to the video page, you will see an option called likes per 100 views. As the name suggests, this will mark the number of likes the video has received for every 100 views. Even if a video has got numerous likes, this may still be small as many people just watch the videos without liking or disliking it.

I liked this simple Chrome extension and shared my thoughts on the same. It’s now your turn to follow the suit.

I have been a user of Google RSS Feed for long time. Off late, I started looking for other options and pretty fast, I got to know about Brief. This works with Mozilla Firefox and that’s what my primary web browser is.

Brief - 1


The first thing that caught my attention is that Brief integrates with the bookmark system of your Mozilla Firefox browser. We bookmark something as we want to get back to it at a later time and as Brief intermingle with Mozilla bookmark, things get easier for us. The feeds actually turn out to be live bookmarks for us and everything can be found right under the regular bookmarks library. If you want to add any new feed, change an existing one’s position or add tags to articles, thus, you can directly use the bookmark manager offered by Firefox.


You can set a lot of things up with help of this menu. You can configure that how often the stories should refresh, store the options and other relevant behaviors as well. If you intend to use keyboard shortcuts with Brief, please take a look at the ones provided with this extension.

Adding New Feeds

There isn’t anything that Brief will do while adding new feeds. As with Brief, your bookmarks turn into feeds, you can simply subscribe to a page and add that under your Live Bookmarks folder.

Brief - 2


Brief is a simple RSS feed Reader. To be honest, there is not much that Brief provides when it comes to reading. You can see the feeds in a list format or use full view mode. Additionally, you can mark items as read.

You can set up feed specific update period through Brief. For example, some feeds can update in every 2 minutes, whereas, the less important ones can be configured to update every 2 days.

Brief is not a replacement for Google RSS Feed. However, if you are bored with Google RSS Feed, you can definitely switch to Brief. It works fine and I don’t have any big complains as such. What do you have to say?

Google Chrome has undoubtedly become one of the most used internet browsers all over the world. I love this browser and have this installed in my personal system (I still have my preference with Firefox anyway). I can hardly find any problems in Chrome as it’s sleek, super-fast and very easy to deal with. However, if someone asks me to point out a single trouble with Chrome, I will probably mention the lack of accessibility in settings. Well, if you don’t understand what I mean, try to locate the Chrome extensions or go the Chrome Memory page. You can certainly reach these pages, but, the path is not so simple.

MB - 1

To help you out, Mega Button is here though. This simple Chrome extension is kind of all in one solution for your Google Chrome settings.


It’s a cakewalk as you just need to click the “Add to Chrome” button of the web store. If you have successfully done so, a green button will appear in your browser’s extension area.


You’ll see icons for Settings, History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Extensions Plugins, Memory, Flags and DNS after opening Mega Button. There are other icons available for Histograms, Net-Internals, Cache, Sync-Internals, Tracing, Conflicts and Task as well; if you wish, you can configure those for initial display.

MB - 2


Mega Button doesn’t have any extra functionality. It basically makes your access to Google chrome settings easier. While using the extension, you will never feel like being out of place. The icons of the extension are similar to the Chrome theme.

The giant green button always stays on the browser, so, if you are not comfortable with that, this may turn out to be a con side of Mega Button for you. Otherwise, it should be good to have it installed within your Google Chrome browser.

What do you have to say about Mega Button? Please share your thoughts through the comments section.

Thanks to the latest updates, Firefox now provides users a lot of tab management features right from the beginning. To organize the tabs in a better way, you can use the Tab Groups feature, also known as Panorama. You can make use of the scroll buttons as well to move through multiple tabs. The drag and Drop feature was always there for better organization of tabs as well.

Tab Badges - 1

It is a fact that with the latest version, Firefox has made tab organization even simpler. So, do you still need an add-on to make things better? Well, you have to use Tab Badges to understand how better things can get when it comes to Firefox tab organization.

How Does Tab Badges Work?

It’s a Firefox add-on and like others, you have to install it first to your browser and then restart the same, so that changes take effect.

Tab Badges adds a red indicator on each of the open tabs. It will show the number in relation with the open tab. For example, it will display the number of unread message, Twitter updates, the notifications in Facebook etc.

You can say that even Firefox shows this, so what’s the point in using Tab Badges! Well, Firefox shows the number, but, only for the unpinned tabs; whereas, Tab Badges will continue to display the number even for pinned tabs. This will update you of the latest emails you received even if you don’t work on that tab.

Tab Badges - 2

The color of the red badge can be changed and though the badge inside tab looks clearer, you can use text on tab option as well. If you wish not to display the badge for a specific domain, you need to add the same in the blacklist. Even if, you by mistake add a domain in the blacklist, you can always restore the same back.

Many may argue on its features, but, I will give it a go. After all, its only 6 KB in size and that won’t cause a performance impact on my system for sure. What do you say?

Are you using iPhone or iPad Mini? Are you not happy with your current web browser? Let me make a suggestion for you. Download Atomic Web Browser for a price of $0.99 and you should not have reasons to complain.

AWB - 1

Atomic Web lacks the clock speed download that of the iOS version of Safari. However, there are a lot of other useful features which make it a great choice. There are so many Settings options available that you can easily tailor it to work depending on your requirements:

Basic Features

Like any other web browser, Atomic Web also has History, Tabs, Search and Bookmarking functionalities.

Advanced Features

You can just slide left or right to find all the open tabs in your browser, unlike that of the Safari. This calls for better user experience.

You’ll see two small navigation buttons and functions of those can be changed. By default, one works for hiding tabs, while the other shares and saves webpages. You can also increase the font size or lock the screen rotation feature (Screen rotation is a useful feature, but, at times, it gets annoying). You can also run the browser in Private mode for anonymous browsing.

If you have a small screen iPhone, you can use the Full screen button and hide the search bar, menu bar and address bar. You’ll also see a special sidebar feature for all the Google related services or apps such as Google Drive, Google Plus, Calendar, Gmail etc.

AWB - 2


Through the settings menu, you can tweak the tab options, default search engine, privacy options, font size etc. Additionally, you can use various other controls such as Progress Bar, Auto Fill and Web Compression as well.

The only downside of Atomic Web according to me is lack of iCloud synchronization. Hence, you cannot synchronize the bookmarks and open tabs of all your Apple devices.

Overall, I loved Atomic Web Browser as I found it flexible and easy to use. What do the readers have to say about the same?

Internet has numerous websites filled with relevant information that may help you some way or the other. Sometimes, it becomes tough though because of the web designers. They make the websites cloggy enough to read something at times. There are advertisements, tricky designs (These look cool but can annoy the regular readers) and floating windows that create disruption during the reading. Not any more, though!


Clearly which is available in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as an extension, clears everything from the webpage other than what you want to read from it. This app was developed by the reputed team of Evernote and below you will find more details on the same.

How to use?

After installing the extension, just go to the webpage that you want to clear and then click the button. It’ll show you just the article that you will like to read in that webpage. If you want to go back to the previous version of the webpage, just click on the Back button.  You can keep the article for future reference in the Clearly Notebook and for that, you have to click the Clip button. There is also an option to print the article and that saves up papers as well. Only the article content that you need is printed, not the entire webpage.


Interface Change

If you don’t like the normal interface that this app provides, you can anytime change the settings. However, you should do this only if you possess a good amount of knowledge, otherwise, things can get a bit clumsy.

Clearly works pretty fast and is a useful extension. It integrates with Evernote seamlessly making the life of a regular web reader easier. If you know about other similar apps, please share the names through the comments feature. I’ll love to review those for my readers as well.

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