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Though any official confirmation is yet to be made, according to latest reports, Amazon may bring out a bigger version of the Kindle Fire tablet. The online retailer has continuously grown the size of the tablets and it seems, another size increase is on the cards to happen pretty soon. According to many, Amazon started the small tablet fad as it launched the 7-inch Kindle Fire in November, 2011. Later in September, 2012, it announced the 8.9-inch model of the same as well. Now, Amazon will probably be moving up to the 10-inch class soon. The news was confirmed by the Analyst of NPD DisplaySearch, Richard Shim. The spokesperson of Amazon didn’t want to respond to this news at this point of time. Incidentally, Amazon has a total market share of 3.7% when it comes to the tablets market and it is currently ranked as number 4 when it comes to tablet shipments.

Amazon Kindle - 1

This is all set to become the biggest Kindle Fire released so far and it will be sporting an amazing 2560X1600 pixel density 10.1-inch display, as far as comments of Shim are concerned. This is around 300 pixels for every inch and this is pretty denser in comparison with the Retina iPad 4 of Apple which comes with 264 PPI. The PPI matches with that of Google Nexus 4 which is considered to be the highest resolution tablet that has come out till date. Incidentally, Google Nexus 4 has a 10-inch screen with 2560X1600 pixels.

Amazon Kindle - 2

As far as comments of Shim are concerned, it is expected that the mass production of the display for the 10-inch Kindle fire is expected to start in the 3rd quarter of 2013. Shim added further that Amazon may also come up with revamped versions of both 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle fires soon as well.

Android apps can help you with a lot of stuff. You can learn to do mathematics; you can start cooking through android apps as well. There is another thing for which you can take help of the android apps and that is to wake up early in the morning. Well, you must agree that lifestyles have changed a lot and almost all of us find it very hard to make it to the early morning appointments. To help you out, here are a couple of alarm clock apps that work on Android platform:

Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm

Alarm clock Android app list can never be complete without Gentle Alarm. You can customize it to make the most generic alarm clock ever or the most unique you can ever find as well. You can set regular alarms for normal weekdays, however, the feature list doesn’t end right here.

You can preset the time to let the alarm go off. You can control different aspects of the alarm sound as well, such as fade-in-duration and maximal volume. You can listen to voice commands too; it can read a message out load also. If you have the free version, remember that the app doesn’t ring on Wednesdays. The paid version costs $2.7.



This one changes with the weather. It’s pretty different look wise, from the other apps covered in this article. The pastel colors are pretty bright; there are sweet music and vocals available as well. I personally found the look to be appealing; however, I understand that it may not suit everyone.

This app is free and no advertisements are displayed either. However, features are kind of limited. You can set alarm on a recurring note, set the length of snooze and that’s pretty much it. Apart from being an alarm clock, it tells you which day it is and also about the weather.

Music fan lovers obviously will like to hear music. However, some music enthusiasts like to make music themselves as well. I understand that everyone who loves music cannot have a talented voice to create beautiful pop songs; however, it’s only about having a creative mind to come up with rhythms and beats that are catchy. Well, if you seriously like to create various beats, there are numerous web applications to help you with mixing up the tracks and share those with your friends. However, an android based app has made your job even easier. Use GrooveMixer to create beats; you won’t really look for any other similar app.

GrooveMixer - 1

The app size is only 4.6 MB and you will be able to use the same, if you own an Android phone with version 2.3 or higher. Through the 8-channel step sequencer, the app lets the users to create rhythms and beats on real time basis.

Some of the basic features of GrooveMixer are:

Saving and loading all the groove beats.

You get a drum machine with 256 different patterns.

The user interface is friendly and easy to use.

The volume mixer comes with mono buttons.

You can load samples right from the SD Card of your phone.

GrooveMixer - 2

The song you come up with has no limitation, when it comes to length of the same.

You get 808 and 909 drumkits along with the app.

Beats per Minute or BPM is 60-400.

You can export the created beats to WAV files.

The app is free to use and the latest version available till date is 1.2.4. I liked the app as it’s very easy to use. You really won’t need to have great knowledge on musical instruments to create beats through the same and if you love music, you are bound to like this one, just like me.

Waking up early often becomes a tough task, particularly, if we have a habit of going to bed late at night. Not anymore though! Here are 3 amazing android based alarm clock apps that can get you up from the bed whenever you want it to do so:

DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

The interface is just awesome! To me, it is the best looking Android based alarm app till this date and the interface alone makes it worthy enough to be checked out. Special alarms can be set for a nap of 60 minutes or even less. This can be tried for free for 7 days. After the trial period is over, you need to pay $1.99 for starting to use it. The app can work according to your sleep cycle or the sunrise. You can make it work like a regular alarm app as well.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme

The interface is usual; however, the features are pretty unique, particularly when it comes to snoozing the alarm clock. You can customize the app and thereby fine tune anything from alarm sounds, color schemes, snooze duration to dismiss options. Several alarms can be set at once, you can even let if stay off at certain days of the week. All the alarms on your list can be activated or deactivated at one go as well.

Let’s talk more on the snooze method now. There’s a snooze button which you can tap to snooze the alarm clock. You can snooze it by shaking the device, pressing any of the physical side buttons of the phone or by solving a math problem too.

There’s a timer that accompanies Alarm Clock Xtreme, so if you wish, you can add a stopwatch to it.



Your waking up experience can be spiced up by WakeVoice. As soon as you wake up, WakeVoice can feed you with all the relevant information on news, weather, radio and horoscopes. Text-to-speech feature is available as well and it may work, even when the alarm is sounding.

You can configure WakeVoice to recognize voices and thereby command it using your vocals only. You can play only 10 alarms using WakeVoice’s free version. The full version costs $2.59.

Mobile phone apps generally have a very short life span. Well, as long as the developer wants them to stay at the app store, these apps surely stay, but, after a few months of its release, the app download frequency per day definitely drops down (Unless the app is a hugely popular one). App users prefer to move on to the next big thing with time.

AppFlow App Discovery - 1

It’s actually good to stay updated on things and if you are not really aware of all the latest things happening in the technology world, you should make use of AppFlow App Discovery. One point, this works for Windows Phone apps only. For Android, you already have Google Play Store right?

You can easily locate the best apps for your Windows Phone through AppFlow App Discovery. Forgotten Legends is a particular feature of this app that for me is the main selling point of the same. Here, you find some amazing apps that people are not talking about much. They are still good as they used to be. Just that people don’t talk about these apps more often doesn’t make these apps bad.

The New and Impressive section is also there, helping you to find the current hot apps. The staff picks are also something that you’ll definitely enjoy.

AppFlow App Discovery - 2

For me, the default Windows Phone app store is kind or boring and definitely lacks lots of features that you can have with AppFlow App Discovery. You can download all the apps right from AppFlow App Discovery and enjoy using them at your own leisure.

I liked it quite much as AppFlow App Discovery is very easy to use. If you think similarly (Or, even if you don’t), please share your thoughts on the same through the comments section. Not only me, but other readers, will love to read those as well.

We often try to put emphasize on a particular color of a picture. To ensure that, we turn all the color in the background into something black and white, so that the remaining color stands out. If you are not sure what I mean by emphasizing on a particular color of an image, just have a look below and I am sure you will understand what I am talking about:

SplashCam - 1

If you use an iOS device, there is an app that helps you to achieve this. The name is SplashCam and it is available at the iTunes store for a small price of $0.99. The app is nothing fancy and it focuses on a single task (It actually pulls of that pretty well). You can take a picture and then apply an amazing color splash to the same. You don’t need any graphic design skills to perfect this. You are just required to line up the picture that you wish to take. Then, decide on the color which you want to get splashed.

After you have made your decision on the color, simply drag the slider for what amount of color you want to be displayed; until you are sure of the right amount. After you are done with it, click on the take image button available. This saves the picture on your camera roll right away. Once you are done with splashing color on the picture, if you wish, you can share the same with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

SplashCam - 2

The latest version of the app is 1.3 and you need to have an iOS device with version 5.0 or higher. Remember, the app takes 4.3 MB of size. Fernando Ribeiro is the developer behind this app and it supports both English and Portuguese languages.

Overall, I liked the app and will recommend it to the readers if they like to apply color splash. Please don’t forget to share your views through the comments section once you start using SplashCam.

The modern day lifestyle has made people lazy. The movements that we make in our daily lives are limited and hence, pretty easily, we gain fat. To get rid of the excess fat and get to a good shape, we need a proper workout schedule. We don’t need workout equipment at home to carry those schedules. What you need is details of the workout exercises and how you can perform them. If you have an iOS device, you can however get these exercises from a tool named as Skimble Workout Trainer.

Skimble Workout Trainer - 1

What does Skimble Workout Trainer Do?

First of all, this app is free to use, so you don’t need to pay a single penny. The app size is close to 28 MB and the iOS version used in your device must be 4.3 or higher. With this app, you will get thousands of free of cost multimedia workout videos, apart from the pictures and audio instructions. Those exercises then can be used to create workouts for yoga, weight loss, running and weight lifting. The latest version released till date is 2.7.

Social Integration

Like most of the apps available these days, even Skimble Workout Trainer can be used to share workouts with your friends or followers of Facebook and Twitter respectively. There is also a community forum where you can share your success story and make new friends on due course.

Skimble Workout Trainer - 2

Shakercise Feature

This is a feature using which you can get a workout instantly.

The app for me is plain simple. It has the workout videos and like most of the free apps available, there are some paid options available. If you pay the money, you basically can view more advanced videos and high-resolution images. I cannot give it thumbs up, neither a thumbs down. You will have to try it yourself to see whether you like it or not.

I have been a fan of the Kindle app since its release and as Amazon has now come up with the 3.6 version of the same, I could not help myself but talking about this latest development. Many complain that the compatriot iBooks is rich in features, however, thanks to this latest release; I sincerely hope that there will be less people complaining.

Kindle - 1

X-Ray for All Types of Books

Well, this has been available since the last version, however, now, you can use the built-in encyclopedia for defining certain terms of not only a textbook, but non-textbooks, such as novels as well. This is however only available for paid books and is working exclusively for English titles as of now. Also, you need to have iOS 5 or higher installed in your device for proper working of this functionality.

Book End Actions

Once you have finished reading a kindle book, you can share the same. Not only that, you can compose a review of the book as well (Remember, it must be 20 words long at least). Once you turn to the last page of the book, you will see a page popping up called “Book End Actions.” Here, you will also find Amazon suggestions for similar types of books.

Kindle - 2

Multi-Color Highlights

This has been available in iBooks for quite some time already, however, now, you will enjoy this feature in Kindle app as well. This feature can be used to highlight different text parts in different colors. The last color you use will become your highlight color by default (Off course, you can change that). These multi-colored highlights are visible in the desktop version of Kindle reader as well.

According to me, these updates were long overdue. Amazon Kindle app requires some new features in its next version for sure, to stay competitive in today’s tough market.

If you own a smartphone and enjoy taking photographs using the same, there is a new reason for you to rejoice. Previously available for only Android and iOS users, Adobe has finally launched Adobe Photoshop Touch for all the smartphone users. This app has loads of features when it comes to photo editing and you can buy the same for a price of $4.99 from Google Play or iTunes. Well, if you consider the numerous features that the app has, the price is definitely pretty reasonable.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 1

The core features of the desktop version of Photoshop have been incorporated into Adobe Photoshop Touch. There are several elements in this smartphone app such as filters, selection tools, layers and adjustments. Users can also use the graphical text, brushes, drop shadows and many more. A new cool feature is that social sharing has been enabled in Adobe Photoshop Touch. So, right after making your creation, you can share the same with your friends in Twitter or Facebook.

The app supports images containing as much as 12 megapixels and it is designed for field work. Therefore, you can decide not to stick to editing images taken with a mobile phone only. After using Adobe Photoshop Touch for some time, it’s pretty clear to me that the same is able to take on a pretty good workload.

You can also opt for the Creative Cloud membership. You get storage of 2 GB for free and can create a new project right on the mobile phone. The same can be backed up in the mobile phone and later finished in the desktop. I tried this and I’ll say the process is virtually seamless.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 2

Photo editing is not something that every smartphone user likes to do. So, this app is not for everyone. But, if you wish to edit images through your mobile phone and love using Adobe Photoshop in desktop, Adobe Photoshop Touch is something that you should definitely try out in your smartphone.

You may not believe it, but, even your sleep can be bettered by an app. Well, there are many apps that do the trick for you and today, I’ll discuss one of them. This is an app for iOS device users and the name is Sleep Cycle Alarm. The app is available at the iTunes store and is priced at $1.99.

Sleep Cycle - 2

Maciek Drejak Labs is behind Sleep Cycle Alarm and this is kind of an all-in-one alarm clock. Apart from waking you up at a pre-decided time, the app determines your sleep habits as well. You just need to place the iPhone next to you before going to sleep and with help of the iPhone inbuilt accelerometer, the app will monitor all of your movements. There are various sleeping habits included in the app such as Wide Awake, Deep Sleep etc. In case you are in the lightest sleep state, the app can automatically wake you up. This ensures that your waking up from sleep is a peaceful and relaxed process.

There are numerous music files available to choose from as alarm tone and you can browse one from your iPhone music file too. Not only that, but for every night, it lists your sleep graphs and the related statistics as well. The alarm tone can easily be snoozed, just by shaking your iPhone.

Sleep Cycle - 2

I personally found the Sleep Notes section to be interesting as it lists some of the events that can cause disruption in your sleep. The cool thing is that you can export all of your sleep data to an excel sheet for thorough analysis.

There is however a downside to this app. If you sleep with your partner, the app does not have any way of discriminating between your movements and that of your partner’s. This leads to erroneous sleeping data. Also, depending on the bed pattern, the app can miss some of your movements during sleep.

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