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As you already must be aware, Google Reader is closing on 1st July. Like most of the other services of Google, this one was available for free as well and now with its unavailability, you must be looking forward to a suitable replacement right? Let me discuss with one possible replacement, the name is Feedbin.

Feedbin - 1

How Does Feedbin Work?

Well, this is not free. However, the price is low at $2 per month, so I guess most of the people reading will find it to be affordable.

The sign-up page is simple enough and there are no fancy images accompanying. You won’t find any sales pitches either. It will ask for your credit card information and you will be billed for the 1st time 3 days after signing up. So, you basically get 3 days to test the services out.

Nothing is defined on Feedbin and once you are logged in, you can import an existing OPML file. Once everything is imported fine, you will see the screen populated with your feeds. List of all your feeds will be presented on the left side. The current list’s stories will be presented in a vertical manner right in the middle portion of the screen. The right sidebar is your reading pane.

For each feed, you will see a small badge denoting the number of unread items. There is enough excerpt shown helping you to decide whether you want to read the complete story or not.

Feedbin - 2

Well, Feedbin does not support sharing, so, even if you like a story, you won’t be able to share the same with your friends of social networking websites.

The 2 things I loved the most about Feedbin are: its advertisement free interface and fast service. However, I feel that a bit of handholding (In form of tutorials) would have made things much better for Feedbin.

Google Docs integration has now graduated from the extras and is currently a regular Hangouts feature available for all. If you have a smaller team of 10 members or even less, Google Hangouts can turn out to be an amazing collaboration tool for you in real time. As it is collaborating with Google Docs now (Google Docs will now be a core feature on Google Hangouts itself), the user base of Google Hangouts is only going to increase over the next few weeks.

Google Hangouts - 1

Not only the usual audio or video conferences, but, thanks to this new integration, you will be able to upload and share numerous Google Docs as well, among the participants of the Hangout. You can try this feature out by launching a Hangout and then click on the new Docs button. There will be plenty of options available for you, such as:

You can add an existing document for the Hangout members. Otherwise, you can upload something completely new as well.

All the documents you upload can be viewed in the left side of the window.

You can toggle between several documents and collaboratively edit more than one document at the very same time.

Google Hangouts - 2

Incidentally, the Google Docs Integration feature has been available as a preview feature with Google Hangouts since 2012, along with sketchpad and screen sharing. This latest update was shared by Robin Schriebman at first on his Google+ page.

Now, let’s see how potential users can benefit from this new integration. You can record minutes on a Google Doc or work collaboratively on a term project as well. Apart from that, you can decide on an itinerary too. It can be used for writing down some impromptu notes as well. According to me, this new integration will test the utility of the traditional video conferencing system. What do you think on this matter?

Do you use Google Translator quite often? Well, Google has come up with a new feature for you named as Phrasebook. Just as the name suggests, this can be used for saving some of the most commonly used phrases. You can use Phrasebook for saving many types of translations such as quick translations, most commonly used catchphrases in a particular language, reuse and reference. If this feature is not present, things can become troublesome to translate the very same words and sentences again and again (The process becomes boring and repetitive). Now, thanks to the introduction of Phrasebook, you can always keep track of those expressions which you most commonly use.

Phrasebook - 1

When you start, the Phrasebook will be blank. Now, you can populate the same with some phrases as you click the star under a particular translation that you have just completed. Suppose, you have forgotten any word, now you have to click the Phrasebook icon. You will find it over the upper-right corner of the box which contains the translation to open the Phrasebook. The process of adding a word is simple. Just select the world or phrase and click once. The selected portion will automatically get loaded inside the translation area.

All these phrases can be filtered using language pair. You can search for a particular phrase as well. Beside the foreign phrases, you will notice text-to-speech icons, clicking on the same will give you vocal pronunciation of the word or phrase.

Phrasebook - 2

If you are a regular user of Google Translation feature, Phrasebook feature can be used for language learning purpose as well. Jut by revisiting the most important phrases in the Phrasebook, you can at least get some lasting knowledge from it. Not only that, but, using the same, you can use the right phrase at the right moment as well. The Phrasebook is not only a communication tool; rather it serves the purpose of a recall device as well.

Are you working in a project which needs pictures to be used? Well, obviously, it is not always possible to spend huge amount of money on sites that needs you to sign up and pay cash for getting the required access to the quality clip arts available. Today, in this article, I will discuss a website named as Clip Art Lord. In the aforementioned situation, this website is your perfect solution. Clip Art Lord gives you access to lots of clip arts and you need not pay any cash to use those in your project. You can even save those in your personal desktop.

Clip Art Lord - 1

You will find all the clip arts separated through categories; thereby it gets easier to locate the pictures. On the right side of the home page, you will find all the categories listed (From animals to weddings, everything is listed here). Personally, I have always found the clip art that I need within a few seconds of time. After you select a category, you will see all the posts being listed in a blog-like style. With all of the images listed, you will find a short description accompanying the same. Just scroll through those and find the one that catches your attention the most. Now, click on the same and you can then save the image for your own use.

You can use the search functionality available in the website as well. Type in the specific term related to the clipart that you are trying to find. If something similar is available in the site, it will come up so that you can download the same.

Clip Art Lord - 2

There is one recommendation that I will like to make for the administrators of Clip Art Lord. If they give users the option of changing the background color of the website that will be so better suited to the eyes. The pitch black is sometimes very hard on the eyes.

Off late, many major websites such as Evernote, Microsoft and Apple have fell victim to hacking. It’s not that only the big fishes fall victim to hacking, but, rather small businesses can be attacked as well. Google has now come up with a new program to help everyone out after being hacked. This program is named as “Help for Hacked Sites.”

Google - 1

This new program is designed to help webmasters to clean up the mess in their websites after the same is attacked. Remember that your website may not be as big as Tumblr or Twitter; still it can come under the fire of some evil mind. Therefore, this new program is expected to be of help for any webmaster. Details of this new program can be found here: www.google.com/webmasters/hacked.

According to a survey conducted by Commtouch and StopBadware in 2012, 26% of the webmasters whose websites were attacked had their site still compromised. On the other hand, 2% of them completely abandoned their websites. It clearly denotes that most of the webmasters lack the knowledge of what to do to fix the site after the same is hacked. The survey was conducted on over 600 website owners who experienced a site attack in last year and this clearly proves the importance of such a site fixing post hacking program, especially when it is launched by a reputed name, such as Google.

Google - 2

This program has dozens of articles and around 100 videos to help the webmasters during the recovery process. The articles and videos cover everything right from the basics; however; still, things will become easier if the webmasters possess some sort of knowledge and skill. They need to have some experience with source code and system administrator commands as well. According to Google, just like it is very important to make a website that’s friendly for users and search engines, webmasters should take necessary steps to secure it as well.

There are many instances when you have your computer hooked up to a big screen or sound system. In most of these cases, you will appreciate a way for controlling the particular media that you are playing on the computer in some remote fashion. If this is possible, you can actually sit back and relax. You can use the remote control for changing the song or movie being played. Well, thanks to Retune, it is a reality now. Wonder how? Please read on:

Retune - 1

Retune – How Does It Work?

This is not a desktop application or an online tool; rather it is an app available for Android users. It is free of cost and the size is only 600 KB. Well, to run this app properly, you need to have a phone with Android version 3.2 or higher.

After you launch Retune, you will be provided with a 4 digit pin. You need to enter the same into your desktop iTunes remote control option. Make sure to have your computer and phone connected on the very same network. If you have done this correctly, you should be able to remotely control your desktop iTunes via the Android phone where you have Retune installed. All the media information will be visible on your phone screen in itself.

Retune - 2

I liked Retune; the app serves simple purpose and is user friendly as well. This is definitely not a must use android app, but, if you have tried this already, don’t forget to share what you think of the same through the comments feature available below. If you are aware of any similar application, please share the name as well. I’ll love to hear thoughts of all of you about Retune or any other similar application.

Hitting the inbox is a term used often by email advertisers. Not only they, but your friends and family members also look for your attention while sending you an email. An email account can turn out to be a mess, if you haven’t used the proper set of prioritization tools and filters. To properly track the incoming emails, it’s good to use an email organizer and in today’s article, I will discuss one such tool, named as OtherInbox.

OtherInbox - 1

OtherInbox – Which Email Clients are supported?

It supports Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and iCloud.

What does OtherInbox Do?

It scans through all of your emails and sorts those into various folders. I tried this in my Gmail account and there OtherInbox created an OIB root label with different sub-labels (I tried OtherInbox in a Gmail account only, so cannot really say how it works for the other email clients). For me, some of the emails from Skype, Doodle and Dropbox were labeled under Home. I am not really sure if it’s a bug and if not, what does it imply!

OtherInbox recognized all of my social network notifications, chain emails, newsletters and organized those. If you think of the hassle of arranging all these through properly named labels manually, OtherInbox definitely makes things faster.

OtherInbox - 2

Apart from all the organizing staff, you are also sent a daily digest summarizing that what OtherInbox has done on that particular day for the incoming emails.

OtherInbox is definitely not perfect; however, it is flexible and learns new things. For an example, if you find a sender not recognized by OtherInbox automatically, just drag that email to a label called “Unknown.” Therefore, any further emails from that sender will be directly placed under the same label. In these cases, a corresponding notification email is sent to you as well.

In this new age of technology, eBooks have certainly started enjoying huge popularity. Some still prefer the physical books over the eBooks; however, that still does not take anything away from this electronic mode of reading books online. Some of the eBooks available online cost you money; however, there are still plenty which don’t cost anything. Yes, free eBooks are available throughout the internet and to help you out on your search, here is a new tool available for you (Finding free eBooks on specific topics is sometimes not as easy as many would think). Bookresults works wonderfully to help you find all the different kinds of eBooks scattered all over the web in various websites.

Bookresults - 1

How to Use Bookresults?

Once you launch the app, you will see a box to enter the search term. As you enter your specified search term, the app will take care of the rest. For example, if you wish to find any free eBooks on the web about laptops, type the same in the search box and within a few seconds, results should come out. In the search results page, the title of the eBook will be displayed, accompanied with a little blurb from that free eBook. Hence, right at the search results page, you can check out whether this is the one you have been looking for or not.

On the screen’s right side, you should see the related searches. This helps you in narrowing the terms down for finding more relevant free eBooks. Each of the search results has two options: “Read on New Tab” & “Read Here.” The meanings of these 2 options are pretty self-explanatory and once you click any of the same, the eBook will be open inside a nice reader with good layouts.

Bookresults - 2

Bookresults is extremely easy to use and I loved nurturing it. If you have tried this out already, don’t forget to share your thoughts with me and other readers through the comments feature.

Cloud storage business is definitely lucrative and now Mediafire, the giant, when it comes to file hosting has jumped in to take a chunk of business away from Google and DropBox.  Mediafire has come up with a brand new interface and it focuses on collaboration now. Well, let me explain how it becomes handy for the users!

Mediafire - 1

First of all, the free account itself gives you 50GB of free space. Do you really think you ever will need to upgrade in search of more space! I don’t think as 50GB is good enough for me for the lifetime.

One of the highlights of Mediafire is the new clean file management home screen. This makes it easier for you to get in, search for what you need and then move along with it. Management of photos has become very easy with Mediafire now. You can both view and share it in a pretty quick timespan.

There is a new document editor available as well. Using the same, you can collaboratively work on Excel, PowerPoint or Word documents. Google Drive offers something similar, but, for me, Mediafire scores more because it is not only sticking to the traditional excel collaborative work management thing.

Mediafire - 2

There is also a native text editor, through which you can edit source code right from the website of the cloud sharing service. The desktop app of Mediafire is available for Linux, OSX and Windows users. Mediafire has even released apps for smartphone users with Android or iOS operating system.

If you are not using Mediafire as of now, you should definitely try this out. They already are a big name when it comes to traditional file hosting business and with these advancements, they are surely going to make it big in the cloud storage business as well; unless, Google and DropBox comes up with something even better.

Some Basic Details on MAC Addresses

February 25th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Content - (0 Comments)

There are specific terminologies available for the network structure and management stuff. Some of these may sound familiar to a regular guy, whereas, some may be completely unheard of. For instance, you must have heard terms such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet, but, when it comes to the intricacies of the different Wi-Fi standards, you probably lack in knowledge.

MAC - 1

Today, we will talk about MAC Addresses. Some reading this article may be aware of the full term: Media Access Control Addresses, however, you should read below for better knowledge on the same.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique identifier which is assigned to network adaptors. If you are not getting what it means, let me give you an example. It’s like a PCI network card in your desktop or a Wi-Fi card embedded in the laptop. The purpose of MAC addresses is simple: with it, you will be able to differentiate between network interface controllers or network adaptors.

If a computer has multiple network interfaces, it will have that many number of different MAC addresses as well (As each network interface has a MAC address of its own). So, if your system is outfitted with a built-in Ethernet network and another separate Wi-Fi USB stick, the MAC addresses for these will vary.

Universal Administration

If the MAC address is universally administered, the MAC address is assigned to the network interface by the manufacturer itself. Similar to credit cards, these assigned numbers are not really random. The number includes an identifier denoting the manufacturer as well.

MAC - 2

Local Administration

In this case, the user specifies a custom MAC address (It is sometimes specified in the driver configuration as well). For virtual networking, this is kind of essential. However, at the same time, locally administered MAC addresses are more vulnerable to spoofing.

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