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I use Windows and thankfully, there is an active community of Windows users who customize almost everything about it, from the default apps to the desktop themes. Microsoft obviously doesn’t recommend this, but just like Windows 7, the desktop can be themed if you are using Windows 8 as well. In this article, the focus will not only be on changing the theme’s colors, but, I will try to show you how you can change the desktop theme in itself.

Windows 8 - 1

The different desktop themes for Windows 8 include desktop backgrounds and icons which you can use if you wish. These don’t only change the desktop colors, but the look of the windows buttons can also be altered. You can even tweak appearances of different interface elements such as checkboxes, buttons, menus etc.

Out of the box, Windows 8 doesn’t support third party desktop themes, just like Windows 7. So, some system files need to be patched first. Well, this is not as tough as you may think, you just need to download a program called UltraUXThemePatcher and run the same. After the same finishes running, you need to reboot the system.

Windows 8 - 2

Now, the third party themes should be downloaded. These files finish with .theme file extension. Now, locate this folder in your system: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. You need to place the theme files inside this directory. If you have done it correctly, these will be appearing right in the standard theme window. Just right click on the desktop and select Personalize to see the installed themes. Double click on any of the themes (You will find these under the section Installed Themes) and the same will be applied to your desktop.

Remember, some themes include icons and system modifications. You need to install these separately and a read over the readme file of the specific theme will give you a better idea.

If your monitor is large or if you have a dual display set up, most probably, you have lots of windows open at a single point of time. Managing all of these can become a pain for you as switching the current window that is in focus may waste a lot of your time. Well, if you use a MAC, you can still scroll in an inactive window out of the box, however, similar feature is not available for PCs. If you wish to scroll one of the windows, you need to focus on the same and then only, you will be able to scroll. This can become inconvenient for many and in such a scenario; Mouse Hunter can come to your rescue.

Mouse Hunter - 1

Scrolling an inactive window becomes easier with Mouse Hunter as you need to put minimal effort. You can scroll a window even if that is not running right in the foreground. You just need to place the mouse cursor over the same and the scroll wheel needs to be activated. In case you are reading from a screen and working in another one, it becomes easier to keep the important window in focus and you can also move through the other windows easily.

When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask you to set things up depending on your liking. You can decide whether the program should start right when Windows starts. If you wish, you can start Mouse Hunter as disabled as well. If you want, the app can display information balloon right on start too. Once the app starts running, you can tweak a few settings to modify the way this app works. It is also possible for you to enable horizontal scrolling with use of the scroll wheel.

Mouse Hunter - 2

The app works on almost all of the Windows versions such as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions). The app runs silently in the system tray without causing any harm to your regular work.

Shopping is always fun. But, picking up the perfect gifts isn’t. At least, the long return lines that we experience during times of festivals don’t suggest that at very first attempt, most people make the right selection. Well, it is always great to pick up gifts which your friends or family members will love the most. Thanks to the new wish list app available on Facebook, it is possible now. The app is named as WishMirror.

WishMirror - 1

WishMirror is a convenient and fun way of sending or receiving gifts. Doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, marriage, graduation, housewarming, baby shower or some festival, you will always find the most perfect gifts.

The easiest way of accessing WishMirror app is to log on to the Facebook account and then type this URL on your address bar: www.facebook.com/WishMirror. Next, you have to click to the Go to App button and you will be redirected to the actual application. For proper functioning of the app, you need to give it the required permission on Facebook. If you have done everything correctly, you should get to the welcome screen.

If you see a particular product in any website, just copy the URL to the actual product. You can add the same to your wish list through WishMirror. If any of your friends are using this application, you can navigate through their respective wish lists through the top right corner as well.

WishMirror - 2

You can actually reserve what you want to gift to a friend. Visit his wish list, click on the blue box for reserving it and you are done. You can even reserve a gift anonymously by clicking the grey box, instead of the blue. Beside a reserved gift, a reserved stamp will appear so that the same doesn’t get repeated. If your friend hasn’t set the preference to be “Prefer to be surprised”, your friend will receive a notification that a gift in his wish list has been reserved.

You can hide or make your wish list visible to some selected people only. Overall, I liked it because it is convenient, intuitive and clean. The app doesn’t sell anything and it acts like a gift registry service only.

Yahoo is definitely on its road to redemption. It put a big assault on the Voices services in 2012 and now it has come out to help people who struggle to send large files through email. Yahoo has announced that it will be collaborating with Dropbox and let the users share the file they store at Dropbox pretty easily.

Yahoo - 1

If you are a user of Yahoo mail, you will be able to bypass the original 25MB file size limit. Due to this integration with Dropbox, you can now share big files like videos and photos as well. Well, the typical files such as documents are allowed too. As an extra advantage, you can access the Dropbox files right from the Yahoo Mail. Similarly, from Dropbox, you can access the files shared via Yahoo Mail.

This new feature of Dropbox integration is available in various languages apart from English, such as French, German, Spanish and Italian. If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, you can create the same right from your Yahoo Mail. If you want to have more information on this, you can visit the official blog of Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo - 2

Google already offers the integration of its emailing service Gmail with Google Drive. As far as things look now, the Dropbox integration with Yahoo Mail will be something similar. According to Yahoo officials, further enhancements can be expected within a very short span of time.

So, will this new announcement help Yahoo to fetch back some business from Google (Gmail to be more specific)? As far as my personal comments are concerned, it will be a tough task, but everything depends on how useful the integration turns out to be. People these days are kind of used to Gmail and it will be tough to bring them back, but, if the feature is good enough, old users can surely be lured.

No matter how big your hard drive is, one time or the other, it is bound to be lacking the required amount of space. It becomes necessary at those times to delete files which are taking up all the space in your computer, thereby cleaning it up. Do you often wish to have software which can quickly find out the files which are taking up space on your computer? Well, let me share such a software name with you – WizTree.

WizTree - 1

This simple windows program scans your hard drive and thereby shows you the folders which take up most of the space. If you explore a folder, then the files and sub-folders will also be analyzed and it will be showed that what amount of space those are taking. So, what’s the idea behind this software? Find out the files which you never realized to be taking such high amount of space and delete those to have a cleaner and faster computer.

You won’t find any graphics and charts along with the application, but you will find information on percentage, thereby making it easier for you to find the big files and therefore delete those. Within the application itself, you can do most of the stuffs supported by the Windows Explorer and that includes deleting files as well. You can use the command prompt to open the current folder.

WizTree - 2

The application is very to use and there is a portable version available as well. Thereby, you don’t need to install the app in your machine. You can simply carry it in your flash drive and use in a machine, where file cleanup is kind of urgent.

The application works on local or NTFS drives only. If you have any experience in using the application, don’t forget to share your comments on the same.

We often use the computer for recording various types of sounds. Well, to do so, we often download and install pretty advanced software into the computer system. However, thanks to Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, you don’t need to install any software into your computer anymore for recording sounds. You can record from any audio source with help of this browser based online tool and believe me, it works pretty fine.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder - 1

It really does not matter whether you wish to record your voice with a microphone or the actual sound that you are hearing from the speakers, the program can make both possible with adroitness.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is based on Java and when you go to the site for the very first time, it will prompt you to install or update Java (If you have Java installed, but the version is not up-to-date, only then it will ask you to update Java). After you are done with that, you need to click on the “Start Recording” button for running the same right from the browser. If you are not a fan of online tools, you can download the software into your system as well. The browser version and the desktop version, both work similarly, so, it’s just a matter of your preference.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder - 2

Once the tool is running, you can go to the audio input section and then select if you wish to record system sounds, microphone or both of them. You can also go to the Options menu and thereby make changes to the way the recording feature works. Some of the things that you can change are: the keyboard shortcuts available, file type for all of the recording etc.

The “Start” button obviously records what you wish, whereas, the “Stop” button stops recording. Once you click stop, the tool takes you to the folder where the recorded file is saved automatically. You can play it back right then and check if things look fine or not.

Do you want to have an easy way to have little reminders on your Windows 8 run computer? If you really want it to happen, make sure to check out Pin-a-Note first. The app is pretty easy to use and it actually allows you to pin handy little notes right to the start screen of your computer. Thereby the notes are close at hand and you can access those whenever you have the requirement.

Pin-a-Note - 1

The app fits absolutely perfectly with the user interface of Windows 8. After running the same, you will feel that it is just a part of the operating system. The computer screen therefore looks stylish. If you intend to, there is a way to synch all the notes between devices run by Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems. Thereby, it does not matter, which particular device you are using for going through all the notes and remainders. You will still have access to all of those.

For easy access at any point of time, this app can be used to share notes to the other applications of yours. In case you have a huge number of notes, you can also make use of the search feature. This helps you to find a specific note when you need the same the most.

Pin-a-Note - 2

The best part for me about the app is the simplicity in use. You can also edit or remove a note that has already been pinned. When you do so, you will get an option to remove or edit the original note as well.

The app is free to use and is available at the Windows store. It currently supports only English language, however, at a later time; more Windows 8 supported languages are expected to be available. If you have already used it, don’t forget to share your thoughts on the same through the comments feature available.

Do you know that many people spend more time online than they do offline? Well, you may believe it or you may not, but, this is indeed a fact. Why wouldn’t they? After all, you can even get your education online now, learn things that you would like to or even how to cook a food? Today, I will discuss a website which makes guitar learning as easy as you can think of. Yes, you can start even if you don’t know anything about guitar playing.

Soundslice - 1

Well, the website is free to use and its name is Soundslice. You may say that there are numerous guitar learning websites, so what makes Soundslice something different? There are two factors: first as I already discussed that it doesn’t cost unlike many other        available guitar learning online courses. Secondly, it doesn’t only show you guitar tabs.

In general, you will find guitar tabs being shared online. However, to properly learn the basics, you will need to visually check out the chord progressions and other techniques as well. It’s not always easy to go back and forth between the guitar tab sharing website and YouTube. Your concentration gets a beating because of this and hence, the learning often stays incomplete.

Soundslice - 2

In Soundslice, you will find a video along with all the guitar tabs that have been shared. A person physically will play the guitar and you can even slow down the video to properly check the hand movements.

Overall, I found Soundslice to have an amazingly simple user interface. Apart from seeing videos of others, you can even create a video of your own. This helps you to share your own stuff with others and the feeling is plain awesome. If you have used Soundslice before, don’t forget to share your experience on the same through the comments feature.

Life is incomplete these days without a profile in any of the most prominent social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr etc. At times, it gets hard to keep track of what’s going on in these sites, if you have profiles in multiple social networking sites. We all are busy and hence, we are hardly left with time to check back these sites for updates every single day. That’s where Mybucketz comes to your rescue. This website is designed to take all of the numerous social networks together and put people who matter into certain groups. These groups are termed as buckets.

Mybucketz - 1

How Mybucketz works?

After you complete the registration process, you will be asked to link to all the various social networks. The process can be wrapped up very quickly and once you are done with the linking process, Mybucketz turns into a super social network with details of all the social networks where you have an account.

Now, the process of creating buckets starts. A bucket should have at least a single person; there is no upper limit though. There is no limit in the number of brackets you can create either. Hence, you can have separate buckets for friends, work people, sports teams or anything else that you can possibly think of.

Mybucketz - 2

All the posts from the different social networks come in your profile in real time basis that helps you to keep in touch with all of your friends all the time. The set up process is as simple as you can probably imagine. You will be able to catch up with your friends from all the different social networking sites and there is no need to login to each of them separately.

Overall, I liked Mybucketz. If you are a social networking buff, this one probably is a must have for you.

While traveling, we all like to stay at a luxurious hotel. Well, price is always an important factor though and at times, we are compelled to sacrifice the luxury and stay at a rather cheap hotel which suits our budget. Let me share a secret with you. At certain locations, you will find comparatively cheaper hotels that offer high level of luxury. But, we don’t book those as we lack the proper information, almost all the time. What if you could find a site which will find the best travel deals for you, just by searching with the location name! Well, Interhome, FlipKey, House Trip etc. already provide similar services, however, the website that I am going to talk about combines all of these – It is known as Apartum.

Apartum - 1

You need to type in the name of the place where your next trip is planned to be. Remember, that though Apartum covers most of the popular tourist destinations and cities, for some odd place searches, you may not get any result at all. You also need to enter the dates when you wish to travel at that place. Apartum will find all the available apartments at that place for the time duration you entered. The search results will be automatically sorted, from low to high. There are other options such as adjusting the search results depending on the number of the available bedrooms.

Apartum - 2

The site supports not only English, but other languages such as Italian and Spanish as well. By default, hotel prices are displayed in USD, but you can change it to GBP or Euro too. This is a good feature as the visitor, will therefore know the exact price he needs to pay right in his local currency, without jumping to some other tab for finding a currency converter.

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