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CloudClip is a clipboard management tool and it caters to very specific needs. It is available to a limited number of platforms only. However, it scores higher than its competitors on the ground that it synchronizes with the cloud. Apart from that, it allows you to share the clipboard between various computers (Something you will find extremely useful if you switch between your laptop and desktop pretty often, just like me). The application is completely portable as well and that means that CloudClip can itself be synchronized within a Dropbox folder.

CloudClip - 1

To use CloudClip, you should create an account on the official website first. This is only for associating the CloudClip with your cloud account data. You don’t need to confirm your email address after registration, so, you can easily use a fake one. Even if you use an original email id, there are slim chances of you being bombarded with spam emails. To keep the speed fast, CloudClip doesn’t support images and other files. I don’t mind that though. Clipboards are meant for plain text only.

Once you have registered, you will be able to download the MAC or Windows version of the application. CloudClip does not support mobile devices as of yet, but, according to reports, they are pushing towards it in the future. Once you have finished downloading, go to the Account tab, enter your details and log in.

CloudClip - 2

Now, go to the Clips tab and for testing purpose, copy a block of text. Within a couple of seconds at maximum, the same will appear in the top row of the application. You will see all the clips being numbered and with time stamps, sorted from newest to oldest. A former entry can be copied just by making a double click. Similar entries are not re-added and hence, you won’t find duplicate entries. Any entry can be deleted by right clicking on the same and thereby choosing Delete option.

Almost everything is being plugged into cloud these days. I personally don’t see any surprise in the fact that file storage solutions such as SugarSync or Dropbox have found such huge popularity among the users. If the mobile devices are taken into account, a lot of cloud management is done by these as well, behind the scenes.

ArchiveClipboard - 1

I understand that on mobile platform, cloud is already a big deal. However, you should not forget about your good old PC. Windows 8 seems to have made a push to the cloud, despite of the fact that a lot has to be done. On today’s article, I’ll explain the whereabouts of a Windows application that helps you with clipboard management, the name is ArchiveClipboard.

ArchiveClipboard works perfectly not only for your desktop, but laptop or netbook as well running on various operating systems such as Mac, Linux or Windows. The only dependency for ArchiveClipboard lies on JAVA and all the modern versions of these operating systems are supported by ArchiveClipboard.

The interface is lightweight, at the same time attractive and easy to use. There are 2 panes on the main user interface: the system clipboard and the archive clipboard. While the archive clipboard shows all the earlier entries, the system clipboard shows text, image or file that is copied currently.

ArchiveClipboard - 2

There is a Settings menu as well and through that, you can toggle monitoring for images, texts and files. There is also an option to let ArchiveClipboard run in the system tray and also notify you in case of occurrence of a particular event. Not only English, but the app supports various other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and German as well.

The app is yet to support the functionality of allowing the users to synchronize clipboard between different devices, but, this feature, should be available soon. Apps for both Android and iOS are also on their way.

I have already discussed the basic details of Spider Player and now it’s time to talk about all the Pro features of this application. As I stated in the earlier article as well, you can get premium features for free, just by using this license: 27U3Z909I95-KK147A893S4K6Y1M0F-780363812.

Spider Player - 3

As soon as you have unlocked the Pro version, you will get access to these features:

Audio Streaming

Doesn’t matter if it’s from the Internet radio or just plain audio file located on a remote server, Spider Player can stream everything seamlessly for you. Remember, when it comes internet radio, you can not only listen to the music, it is also possible for you to record the audio directly to a file in AAC or MP3 formats.

Portable Version

Any portable program comes in handy and so as the case for Spider Player Pro as well. You don’t need to install this and you can simply place the same in your SD card, USB Drive or anywhere else you can think of.

Easy Format Conversion

Any audio file can be converted through Spider Player and followings are the available formats: OGG, MP3, WMA, FLAC, WavPack etc.

Spider Player - 4

Download Lyrics

Many like to sing songs when the same is played. Still, lack of knowledge on the lyrics prohibits them from doing so. With Spider Player, you can download the lyrics of a song automatically and it will be shown right next to the playlist. Do you know any easier solution when it comes to the song lyrics?

32 bit Sound Processing

Most of the sound processing is usually done on the sound card. However, if the sound card is outdated, even then Spider Player will process the audio internally at 32-bit precision, thereby enhancing the audio quality.

Various Supported Formats

Spider Player supports numerous formats such as: MP1, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AAC+, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4A, FLAC, TTA, APE, AC3, Speex, WavPack, KAR, MID, RMI, CDDA, IT, MO3, UMX, MTM, XM etc.

Spider Player is definitely worth a try. I loved using it and I will love to know what the readers think of the same.

In an earlier article, I told you the process of formatting a large hard drive with FAT or FAT32 manually. Now, you may not be a fan of manual process and to help you out in such a case, I’ll discuss some tools in this article that will help you to reformat the hard drive with either FAT or FAT32. I understand that not everyone likes to mess with command lines and I am sure these tools will prove to be helpful to you:



This application is available for Windows XP users, if we consider the free version. This is a simple partition manager which will help you to do more than just plain formatting of the hard drive with various file systems. This application can also be used for deleting, creating and resizing partitions.

If you wish to use this application on any of the recent versions of Windows, you need to buy the Premium version of SwissKnife. There are free tools available as well and I am discussing those below.



This self-executable tool has a nice user interface and that lets you format the big hard drives with FAT32. Even Windows 7 users can use this tool. There are balloon tips which will guide you through the different functions; however, no other type of documentation is available for this.

There is one disadvantage that I’ll like to mention though. It is possible for you to delete a partition and create new ones, still, the allocation unit size cannot be chosen by you.

FAT32 Format

FAT32 Format

It is capable of a single task and that is formatting drives with FAT32. Believe me; it does that task pretty well. You don’t need to install this tool either. It supports up to 2TB partition size and works for Windows XP and Windows 7 users.

FAT32 Format is another very basic portable GUI tool that doesn’t require installation. It just does one task, and it does that very efficiently: format drives with FAT32.

If you are big music junkie and you need music while browsing, reading, playing a game or typing – you should probably try Spider Player out. This music player for Windows users lets you control the music being played out comfortably.

Spider Player - 1

The interface is not particularly flashy or something spectacular. However, at the same time, it is not bland or boring either. I found the layout to be interesting and the colors are there preventing it from becoming distracting in anyway.

To be honest, the layout is similar to that of Winamp. There are multiple individual windows which snap together for forming a whole. These individual parts can be closed or detached at your will and therefore, it makes way for further customization. For example, if you don’t use equalizer much, is there really any need to keep the same? Just close it and therefore, you will be able to slim things down.

When it comes to the playlist, it is pretty much primitive. Spider Player lacks the generic library feature of all the regular music players and hence you cannot organize the songs played by genre, artist or album. You may find it similar to vanilla Foobar2000 as you will only find playlists.

Spider Player - 2

One thing about Spider Player is there for you to remember. This windows app is pretty old. The last update was pushed out in late 2010 and the time passed away since then is sort of an eternity when it comes to internet. Despite the 3 years of idleness, the feature set that the app has are still comparable to a lot of the modern players and thereby, I would say that the app has been able to keep up with time on somewhat basis.

Spider Player used to be premium program and it used to retail for $20. However, as the app went out of development, all of its features were released for free by the creators. The license key for unlocking all the Pro features is: 27U3Z909I95-KK147A893S4K6Y1M0F-780363812.

People use webcams for serving various purposes. Some use these for meeting the friends, while some use these on daily basis just to see the loved ones staying far away on every single day. Surely, webcam is one of the best inventions of the modern technology; however, you can make more out of it using a few tools.

99colors - 1

Today, I’ll discuss a tool named 99colors which is not just for plain video chatting with your friends.

99colors turns your webcam into a one stop shop for taking snapshots, thereby extending its original feature of video chatting with friends or family members. You can apply filter effects to the snapshots you take and also share those with people you will like to. I personally found the best part of 99colors to be that the tool is entirely web based and hence, you don’t need to download or install any apps in your system. You just need to fire up the browser that you use and you should be good to go.

99colors - 2

Once you get into the official website of 99colors, you will see a blank canvas only. Now, with a single click, you will be able to take snapshots through the webcam. All these snapshots will start piling up on the blank canvas and you can then promptly switch between them as you edit through. There are dozens of filter effects that you will find coming with the website and those should be used for touching up the photos that you use.

Once you are done taking and editing the snapshots, those can be uploaded to the public 99colors gallery. Otherwise, you can also upload them straight to your Facebook account. If you care about taking self shots and then love to share them with your Facebook friends, 99colors is something that you should experience at least once.

When you format your system with either FAT or FAT32, there is generally a limit of 32 GB for the partitions. However, this is not the entire truth. In fact, FAT or FAT32 itself can handle around 16TB hard drives and in most of the operating systems, up to 2TB is supported as well. However, in an attempt to promote NTFS (Which in fact is more efficient when it comes to working with the big partitions), Microsoft has set a partition size limit of 32GB for FAT or FAT32 file system.

FAT -1

So, there are 3 things that come out of the above paragraph. First, the limitation only exists for the recent versions of Windows released by Microsoft. Additionally, Windows recognizes the large hard drives which are formatted with either FAT or FAT32. Lastly, the 32GB partition limit is something that you can easily circumvent.

In the below portion, I will teach you all a manual way of formatting a large hard drive that comes with FAT or FAT32 file system:

You can off course use tools for this, but, I prefer the manual way as the process is pretty easy. First of all, you need to switch to the command line. If you are using Windows XP, go to Start->Run. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, go to Start->Run (Type this in search field) and then launch the same. Now, in the text field, type cmd and click OK. The command line will open up.

FAT -2

Now, over there, write this: format /FS:FAT32 P: (Remember to replace the word P with the driver letter for the external device that you intend to format).

Now, hit enter. That’s it! Well, the formatting may take time depending on the hard drive size.

Isn’t the process easy? Have you ever tried to format hard drive using FAT or FAT32? If yes, let us know about your experience through the comments.

In a previous article, I discussed on installing Windows 8 desktop themes. In this article, I will talk on some Windows 8 desktop themes that you will love to use:



This is a simple and light theme with minimum number of window buttons. You will need a third party tool for making the window borders transparent. This feature is not available on Windows 8, unless you use a third party hack.



You will see many themes that bring the foreign looks of a different operating system. Platinum is a similar Windows 8 desktop theme that helps you to get a MAC like look in your Windows 8 run computer. Well, the fact is that it’s not easy to mimic Windows Vista or Windows 7 as from these versions, Microsoft decided to remove the code which allowed for Aero-style transparency.



This one uses a dark taskbar and window borders. The main area is sort of light and it draws attention to the content of your system. There are numerous types of background images associated as well. You can use those as your desktop wallpaper. The best part is that these rotate automatically as part of the theme’s default behavior.

Royale 8

Royale 8

This theme was originally created for Windows XP users. So, if you miss that Windows XP look in your Windows 8 system, you may try this one out.



This is probably one of the most popular Windows 8 desktop themes that you will find. The theme has very high contrast, as it offers almost solid white window themes paired with a dark black taskbar. There is also a black line at the bottom of each window. Until you scroll the mouse over the maximize and minimize buttons, you will not be able to see those. I’ll call this theme aggressively minimalist.

In a previous article, I talked about ZFS file system. It’s time to talk about the other file systems as well in this 2nd part of the 3 part series explaining different file systems. I’ll start with brtfs and cover ext4 as well.

File System - 1

File System – brtfs

This is yet to be released. But, this upcoming file system for Linux distributions mainly looks at fixing many of the issues which were pretty predominant in the older ext file system series. You can call it a journaling file system as well. There are hosts of new features such as data pooling, through which you can span the file system across more than one physical hard drives. Apart from that, the maximum file and volume size is of 16 EiB. There are other features such as snapshots, nanosecond time resolution, transparent encryption, transparent compression, data deduplication as well. Linux is the sole operating system that supports brtfs as of now, however, it is considered as unstable as of yet. Many feel that with time, brtfs should be replacing ext4, the file system that I am going to cover next.

File System – ext4

File System - 2

For the time being, this is the most used file system for Linux systems. This is a successor to both the earlier file systems ext2 and ext3. Different techniques have been used in this file system to improve the performance. Just like brtfs, ext4 also is a journaling file system. This is only for hard drives and hence, it doesn’t appear on the removable Medias. It can support files up to 16 TiB and volumes up to 1 EiB. With help of Ext2Read, even Windows users can get read access to the ext file systems.

If you have used ext4 or intend to use brtfs, please share your thoughts through the comments section. I’ll love to hear what you have to say.

Are you really aware what the hard drive does whenever you read a specific file from it or even when you write one to it? Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now possible for us to store massive amounts of data which is needed for a high level of organization for preventing certain issues related to performance.

ZFS - 1

Through usage of file systems, a hard drive can be properly organized. The operating systems themselves set up the file systems while the installation is in progress. Well, you must already be aware, but just for starters; there is more than a single file system. Through this article and the other parts as well, I’ll try to explain how some of the basic file systems work and what differences do they have between each other!


This file system is only known to the users of UNIX. This file system can support files and volumes of up to 16 Exabytes. Though ZFS is not really popular for performance, but, it provides support for numerous features such as data corruption protection, combination of the file system & advanced volume manage concepts including pooling, data de-duplication, snapshots, transparent encryption and transparent compression. For the last 8 years, this file system is being considered as stable and it is supported by Linux, Mac OS X 10.5 Server and other similar UNIX alike operating systems as well. In today’s date, ZFS is more commonly found in the enterprise environments than in the normal households.

ZFS - 2

In the latter parts, the other file systems I have decided to cover are: NTFS, btrfs, ext4, HFS+ and FAT. If you are already into using ZFS, don’t forget to share what you like or dislike about the same. If you have decided to try ZFS out after reading this article, don’t forget to share your experience through the comments section.

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