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Bored of Facebook – Look into These Alternatives to Facebook

April 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Social Networking

Facebook is undoubtedly the face of social networking websites now. However, many people are bored of the same already and get irritated with all the changes brought too often. So, are you looking for an alternative now? Well, through this article, I’ll present not one, but 3 alternatives to you:

Family HQ

Family HQ - 1

This social networking website is dedicated to your family. This openly focuses on the concept of narrowcasting. If you are not sure, what narrowcasting means, it is exactly the opposite of broadcasting.

With Family HQ, you can send information to a small group only. The message is touted as something important for each of the members of the group. The privacy policies are hefty and the website kind of focuses on your own virtual castle. Family HQ makes an awesome way for you to stay connected with people on a more personal level.


Couple - 1

As the name suggests, Couple is perfect for you if you have a romantic partner. This comes as a mobile app for you. You can share pictures with your loved ones, schedule dates on a shared calendar as well. It is possible to create lists and memos too.

You and your lover can share a ThumbKiss through this app as well. You need to press your thumb against the phone screen; therefore, a thumbprint will appear in a relative location on the device of your partner. If the partner presses thumb right at the same part of the phone, it creates a technologically tender moment among the loved ones.


Path - 1

This covers not only the loved ones, but close friends as well. This is again a mobile app and is quite similar to Facebook; however, the intended audience is more intimate to you. There are no distractions as experienced in Facebook. I loved how the app is described by the developers – it’s a personal journal of yours.

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