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Apps That Can Help You to Back up your Tweets

November 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Social Networking

back up your tweets

Twitter only lets you store your last 3200 tweets. If you are a regular user, that number may sound pretty little to you. If you haven’t reached your 3200th tweet yet, it’s best to use any of the apps listed below and back up all your tweets to access those anytime you wish. The best part is that none of the apps listed below takes more than a few minutes to complete the Twitter backup.


back up your tweets

This can not only backup your Twitter account, but other two renowned social networking accounts as well. You will need to sign up for a free account with Backupify and then allow it to access your Twitter account, to start the backup process. After the backup is complete, you’ll see a green icon in your Backupify account. You can schedule the backup to run once every day. If you want to import the backups, you need to create a ticket with customer support team and they will email you the same.


back up your tweets

You need to connect twissues to your Twitter account and authorize the same. Then, Twissues will gather and archive all of your tweets. You can not only view your older tweets from Twissues website, but search through the list as well. You can see the global trends from the right sidebar and make Tweets private accordingly.


back up your tweets

This is still in BETA version, but works pretty smooth. You can create a new account or sign up through Twitter. It will start taking backup of your account automatically and you can download the list in Excel, CSV or TEXT format after the process is complete.

These are not the only 3 tools available that helps you to take a backup of your Twitter account. But, I find these 3 to be the best. If you feel that some other app works better, please share the name with the visitors and me through the comments feature.

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