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Amazon Launches New Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire App Store

February 6th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Buying New Stuff

Amazon has come up with a brand new currency of Kindle Fire App Store owned by the same. This is a virtual currency and will only be valid for the Kindle Fire App Store of Amazon. In US, the currency will be launched in May and for the Kindle Fire Crowd, it will be handed out for free in limited basis, upon the launch is done. On launch, tens of millions Dollars’ worth virtual coins will be spread out to the users. Each of these coins is of 1 cent worth. Incidentally, if you are looking to purchase an app of your wish or want to make any sort of in app purchase through Kindle Fire, these virtual coins will help you out.

Amazon - 1

For app developers, this is definitely good news. For the app developers, these virtual coins are exactly of the same worth that of real money. As free coins will be spread out, it will be easier for you to find buyers for your apps. However, you should be able to complete your app by 25th April for taking advantage of the same and be ready for the Amazon coins, as these will be launched in May. If you are not looking for a full app development, you can come up with a paid update as well.

Amazon - 2

For regular users, this is not that advantageous as they still have to spend real money for buying apps. However, I agree that the free bonus coins will act as an incentive for the users. You need to convert your real cash to Amazon virtual coins and you should be ready for browsing through the Kindle Fire App Store. For starting purpose, the coin usage will only be limited to US users, however, if things go well, it is expected that the same feature will be expanded for other countries as well.

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