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Advanced Web Browsing Is Possible In iPhone Through Atomic Web Browser

January 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Surfing

Are you using iPhone or iPad Mini? Are you not happy with your current web browser? Let me make a suggestion for you. Download Atomic Web Browser for a price of $0.99 and you should not have reasons to complain.

AWB - 1

Atomic Web lacks the clock speed download that of the iOS version of Safari. However, there are a lot of other useful features which make it a great choice. There are so many Settings options available that you can easily tailor it to work depending on your requirements:

Basic Features

Like any other web browser, Atomic Web also has History, Tabs, Search and Bookmarking functionalities.

Advanced Features

You can just slide left or right to find all the open tabs in your browser, unlike that of the Safari. This calls for better user experience.

You’ll see two small navigation buttons and functions of those can be changed. By default, one works for hiding tabs, while the other shares and saves webpages. You can also increase the font size or lock the screen rotation feature (Screen rotation is a useful feature, but, at times, it gets annoying). You can also run the browser in Private mode for anonymous browsing.

If you have a small screen iPhone, you can use the Full screen button and hide the search bar, menu bar and address bar. You’ll also see a special sidebar feature for all the Google related services or apps such as Google Drive, Google Plus, Calendar, Gmail etc.

AWB - 2


Through the settings menu, you can tweak the tab options, default search engine, privacy options, font size etc. Additionally, you can use various other controls such as Progress Bar, Auto Fill and Web Compression as well.

The only downside of Atomic Web according to me is lack of iCloud synchronization. Hence, you cannot synchronize the bookmarks and open tabs of all your Apple devices.

Overall, I loved Atomic Web Browser as I found it flexible and easy to use. What do the readers have to say about the same?

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