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Adobe Photoshop Touch Released For Smartphones

February 27th, 2013 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Smartphones

If you own a smartphone and enjoy taking photographs using the same, there is a new reason for you to rejoice. Previously available for only Android and iOS users, Adobe has finally launched Adobe Photoshop Touch for all the smartphone users. This app has loads of features when it comes to photo editing and you can buy the same for a price of $4.99 from Google Play or iTunes. Well, if you consider the numerous features that the app has, the price is definitely pretty reasonable.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 1

The core features of the desktop version of Photoshop have been incorporated into Adobe Photoshop Touch. There are several elements in this smartphone app such as filters, selection tools, layers and adjustments. Users can also use the graphical text, brushes, drop shadows and many more. A new cool feature is that social sharing has been enabled in Adobe Photoshop Touch. So, right after making your creation, you can share the same with your friends in Twitter or Facebook.

The app supports images containing as much as 12 megapixels and it is designed for field work. Therefore, you can decide not to stick to editing images taken with a mobile phone only. After using Adobe Photoshop Touch for some time, it’s pretty clear to me that the same is able to take on a pretty good workload.

You can also opt for the Creative Cloud membership. You get storage of 2 GB for free and can create a new project right on the mobile phone. The same can be backed up in the mobile phone and later finished in the desktop. I tried this and I’ll say the process is virtually seamless.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 2

Photo editing is not something that every smartphone user likes to do. So, this app is not for everyone. But, if you wish to edit images through your mobile phone and love using Adobe Photoshop in desktop, Adobe Photoshop Touch is something that you should definitely try out in your smartphone.

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