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I have already written an article on MacHider, so the readers may ask why again? Well, in the previous one, I just pointed out a few basic features of MacHider, however, in this one; I am going to elaborate things as well. Let’s talk about a couple of advanced features of MacHider in this article that were not mentioned in the previous one.

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AutoHide Groups

When you run MacHider for the first time, you should notice the AutoHide Groups feature right then. For each of the individual custom groups that you have created, you can toggle the AutoHide feature on or off.

If you run MacHider, the groups with the AutoHide option enabled, will reveal the contained files automatically. However, as soon as you close MacHider, those files will get back to their hidden status. If you need to access groups of hidden files at a frequent basis, this feature can prove to be very useful.

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It is advertised by the app that it doesn’t modify any of the files that it hides. Well, you don’t need to worry about file corruption as it seems. Now, let’s discuss a bit that how secure MacHider actually is. If you hide any specific file, MacHider then creates a hidden folder to which the file is moved with a reversed file name (This is probably done so that it doesn’t show up in the spotlight). There is a password feature which protects your files from being accessed by other users.

On a nutshell, I will suggest my readers to give it a try. The app is good at what it claims to be doing. It works well in keeping some of the sensitive files out of the intruders’ sights. Don’t think of it as a security tool, it isn’t. It works well to hide your files and for that, it is definitely top notch.

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