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Do you want to be more organized, at least when you surf through your Linux system? Well, here is a simple Linux note taking app for you called GNotes which lets you to link one text to another, thereby turning the researching process into an inter-weaving database which you can easily reference at a later point of time. Doesn’t it sound like a personal desktop wiki?

GNote - 1

With GNotes, you can easily outline whatever thoughts you have and store those as well. The linking feature lets you to find these thoughts at a later time as well. If you often forget some of the best ideas that you ever had, GNotes is definitely an app that you should try out.

Once you launch the app, you will be able to see all of your notes. If you wish, there is an option to sort those into Notebooks. You can use the search feature to find the note that you have been looking for as well. If you wish to create a new note, just click on the “Create New Note” and you’re done. A simple note will appear in front of your eyes. Type whatever you want to inside the same and then click at the button at the top right corner for adding the same in a specific notebook. If you wish to link a note, highlight a phrase and hit the “Link” option.

GNote - 2

To be honest, I use the linking feature to create a type of personal database. Remember, that if you type name of a specific note in some other note, automatically, these two get linked.

The source code of GNote is available from Gnome Live and you can get it from distro’s package manager as well. The installation instructions are available in numerous distros too.

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