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If you are interested in sending large files over the internet, let me give you all a suggestion. Register for the super-fast Minbox service and the process of sending large files gets even easier for you. You’ll see that most of the email clients, servers and cloud services such as Dropbox have file size limits and the process is often slow to upload files and send.

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Minbox is available as a MAC lightweight app that rests in the menu bar of your system. The makers behind Minbox have made claims that the service is twice as fast as Dropbox. Incidentally, they are behind another popular digital web application named as Penzu.

First of all, there are no file size limits or any limitation on the file type either, when it comes to Minbox. The files are stored on the server for 30 days as well.

Minbox has an incremental registration process and this is to prevent the initial overload to their server. The Minbox app works on Snow Leopard or a later version and the first step is to download the app. When you launch the app on your MAC, you’ll need to complete the sign up process (The process is quick) and this entails requesting an access code.

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To get the access code, you may need to wait for around 72 hours. However, if you decide to promote Minbox through your Twitter account or share the link to the service, the time period for which you need to wait for getting the access code gets smaller.

There are numerous features that Minbox has. However, the process starts with importing your address book to the Contacts list of Minbox. The import has to be enabled through the preferences settings available for Minbox.

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