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Google Chrome is definitely one of the most popular internet browsers of this time and Google is keeping no stones unturned to make it even better. Well, the company is currently focusing so that Chrome identifies the annoying sound emitting tab on the browser. Well, I am sure, that people reading this, get annoyed when they hear those pesky auto playing advertisements while browsing through internet, just like me.

Chrome - 1

Tabs with sound playing within them will contain an animated audio indicator. This animation will have a six frame throbber picture on the tab icon itself. According to the latest code review conducted, the animation is very short at this point of time, but, still good enough for testing purposes. It is expected that the aesthetics of the animation will get changed if this tweak is included as part of a public release.

Now, there are several factors to consider and one of them is: tracking tabs that are currently active. If you are not getting it, let me explain it to you in simpler words. Suppose, you are listening to music in one tab, however, on the other tab, you have Facebook open. Now, the tab playing the sound is definitely not the more active of the two, however, you still need it as you want to continue listening to the songs.

Chrome - 2

The feature is reportedly a part of the Canary Build already. However, there is no guarantee that the same will ever be released for actual users publicly.

Do you feel that an audio indicator for the tabs works? Do you think that such a feature will be very useful to the users? Make sure to speak on this matter using the comments feature. I will definitely like to hear you all out.

If you own a smartphone and enjoy taking photographs using the same, there is a new reason for you to rejoice. Previously available for only Android and iOS users, Adobe has finally launched Adobe Photoshop Touch for all the smartphone users. This app has loads of features when it comes to photo editing and you can buy the same for a price of $4.99 from Google Play or iTunes. Well, if you consider the numerous features that the app has, the price is definitely pretty reasonable.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 1

The core features of the desktop version of Photoshop have been incorporated into Adobe Photoshop Touch. There are several elements in this smartphone app such as filters, selection tools, layers and adjustments. Users can also use the graphical text, brushes, drop shadows and many more. A new cool feature is that social sharing has been enabled in Adobe Photoshop Touch. So, right after making your creation, you can share the same with your friends in Twitter or Facebook.

The app supports images containing as much as 12 megapixels and it is designed for field work. Therefore, you can decide not to stick to editing images taken with a mobile phone only. After using Adobe Photoshop Touch for some time, it’s pretty clear to me that the same is able to take on a pretty good workload.

You can also opt for the Creative Cloud membership. You get storage of 2 GB for free and can create a new project right on the mobile phone. The same can be backed up in the mobile phone and later finished in the desktop. I tried this and I’ll say the process is virtually seamless.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - 2

Photo editing is not something that every smartphone user likes to do. So, this app is not for everyone. But, if you wish to edit images through your mobile phone and love using Adobe Photoshop in desktop, Adobe Photoshop Touch is something that you should definitely try out in your smartphone.

Bookmarks make an easy way to remember what you regularly browse or where you will like to get back to at a later time. Well, we often end up abusing this otherwise wonderful system of bookmarking as we tend to keep everything under the bookmarks. As a result, things get messy and sometimes, we find it hard to locate a specific bookmark that we may need. Well, we can arrange these in folders, but, even the folders can get tough to manage in case, you save a lot of them.

Holmes - 1

If you are using Chrome, you can be a little relaxed though. In form of Holmes, you get an easy to use Chrome extension that helps you to search through your bookmarks.

How Does Holmes Work?

Before getting into details, let me compliment it for its name. To be honest, a search tool can hardly find a better name than this. On first look, anyone will find it neat and spiffy, perfectly complimenting the detective whose name it has lent. The latest version of this extension has Omibox integration enabled as well.

Thanks to Omnibox integration, you don’t need to click the icon for extension. You can just type in “*” (Remove the double quotes while putting it actually) in the Omnibox and then press tab. You can then type in the keyword and search for the specific bookmark. To open a bookmark, go down to the same and press Enter. There are a few shortcut keys as well:

Holmes - 2

Ctrl+Enter is for opening a bookmark in the background. This keeps Holmes open.

Keyword “new” will help you find the 20 latest bookmarks.

Keyword “new:[your search phrase]” can sort your results as newest first and find bookmarks based on the search phrase entered.

While using Holmes, you can eradicate the bookmarklets from the search results as well.

Some Basic Details on MAC Addresses

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There are specific terminologies available for the network structure and management stuff. Some of these may sound familiar to a regular guy, whereas, some may be completely unheard of. For instance, you must have heard terms such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet, but, when it comes to the intricacies of the different Wi-Fi standards, you probably lack in knowledge.

MAC - 1

Today, we will talk about MAC Addresses. Some reading this article may be aware of the full term: Media Access Control Addresses, however, you should read below for better knowledge on the same.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique identifier which is assigned to network adaptors. If you are not getting what it means, let me give you an example. It’s like a PCI network card in your desktop or a Wi-Fi card embedded in the laptop. The purpose of MAC addresses is simple: with it, you will be able to differentiate between network interface controllers or network adaptors.

If a computer has multiple network interfaces, it will have that many number of different MAC addresses as well (As each network interface has a MAC address of its own). So, if your system is outfitted with a built-in Ethernet network and another separate Wi-Fi USB stick, the MAC addresses for these will vary.

Universal Administration

If the MAC address is universally administered, the MAC address is assigned to the network interface by the manufacturer itself. Similar to credit cards, these assigned numbers are not really random. The number includes an identifier denoting the manufacturer as well.

MAC - 2

Local Administration

In this case, the user specifies a custom MAC address (It is sometimes specified in the driver configuration as well). For virtual networking, this is kind of essential. However, at the same time, locally administered MAC addresses are more vulnerable to spoofing.

Though many of you reading this article may not have similar views, I just love mathematics. I still remember the days when I used to pass hours and hours to solve a problem and then jump out of joy once the same was completed. Ever since Google came into picture, I always wished of a similar search engine, but for mathematical equations only. As it seems, Symbolab has granted my wish. This new tool helps users by giving the semantic search engine for different equations. If you are not aware of the term semantic search, let me explain what it means first. Not only that it shows the search results as links, but, all the related equations are displayed along with the same as well.

Symbolab - 1


Symbolab has all the tools that you will need for entering the various complex formulas. From the most basic to the most advanced ones, you will find all the types of modifiers in Symbolab. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for in actual. Once you hit the search button, Symbolab will show you the formula on a graph or how the same can be solved. If applicable, information on the formula from various online resources is presented to you as well. Thereby, you not only find a solution, but, understand a lot more on the formula.

Symbolab - 2

Practice Makes You Perfect

Entering those complex formulas may seem a bit intimidating at the beginning, however, as time passes, things will become easier. Just like Google, Symbolab shows you the most popular searches on one side of the screen. This saves your time when your equation is one of them; as just by clicking on the most popular searches, you will get your desired result.

Manage Utility Bills through Manilla

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Going green seems to be the flavor of the season as everyone wants to be environment friendly. Well, it’s always good to do your bit for the environment and thanks to Manilla; you can make management of your utility bills, member subscription invoices, magazine or cable subscription – a paperless process.

Manilla - 1

Manilla makes it pretty easy to keep in mind the due dates for making payment and balance the income or expenses. Manilla makes things computerized and hence, management is completed in an easy and effective way.

How to Start with Manilla?

First of all, create a free account on its official website and then log in. Now, add the numerous services that you have subscribed to. The services supported by Manilla ranges from household related ones to finance related companies as well. Not to mention the travel companies and magazine subscriptions.

Adding the Service

Select your specific service and link the same with Manilla. You need to provide your online account information while doing so; however, Manilla does not store any of your login details, so you are covered. Also, if you don’t have an online account with that specific service yet, Manilla takes you to the webpage where you can create one.

Manilla - 2


After linking all the services you want to, you will receive friendly reminders for timely payment of the bills on your Manilla account dashboard. If you wish, it is possible to set email or SMS alerts as well. As everything is managed right from your Manilla dashboard, there is no need of the physical bills. However, there is an option of adding the physical bills in a scanned form to your Manilla account.

Manilla is a refreshing change to the traditional way of managing utility bill payments. I loved using it; let me know what you think of the same through the comments feature.

Sony will soon be back with the latest installment of PlayStation series as the console developer has announced that PlayStation 4 exists. Over the last few days, the recent media event of Sony was hyped all over the news and print media. Probably, the most logical announcement was made in the same in form of PlayStation 4.

PS 4- 1

According to Sony, PlayStation 4 is not a gaming console only, but, can be referred as a supercharged PC as well. There will be an x86 based CPU and the GPU will be enhanced too. A GDDR5 RAM of 8GB will also accompany it.

There will be a 2nd chip in the console allowing players to download games in the background and stream the same while it is being downloaded. As digital downloads are finding more prominence than ever, this is definitely going to be a critical feature of PlayStation 4. It will also be possible for gamers to invite others into their own gameplay and let them control the character. There will also be a video streaming feature allowing gamers to bring their friend and watch them play.

DualShock 4 – a new controller will also be introduced as part of PS4. This will have a touchpad (Looking similar to the back of PlayStation Vita). There will be a new share button and light bar as well. The latter will allow the separate camera to track the movement.


However, at this point of time, PS1, PS2 or PS3 games will not be compatible with PS4. This may be enabled later, but, probably, gamers need to pay an extra price for that. Some of the games that will come in PS4 format have been developed by Ubisoft, Square Enix, Blizzard, Bungie etc.; the footages were displayed during the media event. Sony is yet to give pricing details of PlayStation 4. No picture of the to-be released console has been released either.

Some of us like to read reviews and some like to write them. Well, certain people like to do both (I am one of them). If you have ever written an application review, you must have had a hard time to organize all the application screenshots! Well, some people upload the screenshots for easy sharing. However, manually uploading screenshots one by one can turn out to be a monotonous job. Not anymore though! With help of GrabBox, you can easily upload the screenshots to Dropbox, however; you need to be a MAC user for using the same.

GrabBox - 1


The application is a free to use desktop application and it is compatible with Mac OS X versions: 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

How to Use?

You can download the application from its official web page (grabbox.devsoft.no); it comes in a ZIP archive and is sized at around 1.5 MB. When you launch it for the first time, it will ask you to copy the link to your Public folder in the Dropbox drive on your system. Thereby, it links to your Dropbox account’s public folder. Now, whenever you take any screenshot in your system, the image file will automatically be copied to your Dropbox’s public folder. After uploading the same, it will be your decision that whether you want to keep a backup copy in your system or not.

GrabBox - 2

The Dropbox URLs to these screenshots are auto-shortened by this application and you can even tweet the same from your system. If you don’t like manually naming the screenshots, GrabBox will take care of that through automatic renaming.

GrabBox is fun to use, if you upload a lot of screenshots to Dropbox. The features are limited, but, the application perfectly serves what it claims to. I’ll give it thumbs up.

For the last decade, miniaturization has become a computing trend, but, in the last couple of years, the trend probably has accelerated further. Today computers are not just portable, but, they are pocketable as well. With the launch of Stick Computers by ARM, computers now have turned into a size of USB Flash Drive. Theoretically, these can be attached to a key chain and users can bring the same anywhere they want to. To be honest, that’s how the term “Stick Computer” became popular.

Stick Computers - 1

Many, who are skeptic, often question the usefulness of such a small computer! In today’s article, we will try to focus on the basic functionalities of these stick computers.

What are Stick Computers?

Stick computer is not a technical term; rather, there is still no agreed term to define these extremely small computers coming out from different manufactures.

Not only in size, but these small computers are different from their large counterparts by means of hardware as well. A traditional x86 processor won’t fit to these small computers and hence low power processors are inserted. Similar processors, incidentally, are used in tablets and smartphones as well. As a result, you won’t be able to use Windows 8 in your stick computers and rather the ARM variant of Ubuntu or Android can be used only.

Most of the available stick computers in the market offer at least a single USB port and these connect to a display via HDMI. In some of these stick computers, you will find Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features as well. Despite of being a size of flash drive only, stick computers may need an external power adapter at times.

Stick Computers - 2

Cost of Stick Computers

These generally cost between $75 and $100 so won’t really dig a hole in your pocket.

Stick computers are no alternative to the regular desktops or laptops, but may sometime serve definite purposes. If you have one for yourself, don’t forget to share what you think of the same.

It’s important to keep a backup of all of your photos even after you share those online. After all, your social network account can get banned at any time and if this happens, all of your images are gone as well. When you keep those at your system, photos start piling up on your computer, probably after a few trips only. I cannot stress more the importance of keeping everything organized. To help you make an organized photo collection, let me share a desktop app with you, it is named as Phototheca.

Phototheca - 1

What is Phototheca?

This is a desktop based free application and it is around 9.5 MB in size. The installation process is quicker than other applications of this size. Using it is pretty easy as well. After you launch the same, a window will open up. You just need to drag and drop your photographs on the same and name an album. There is a timeline feature available for this application and you can actually attach images to particular events as well. There are several viewing modes available for the images such as: slideshow, regular view and full screen view.

Other Advantages of Phototheca

There are additional advantages as well:

If an image has wrong timestamp, it is possible to correct the same.

You can tag photos by your friends’ name, location, keywords or the camera model used to take the photo.

Phototheca - 2

You can import all your picture folders to Phototheca and it will automatically detect the duplicate ones. It is also possible to password protect any photo available. If you do so, the photos will not be visible when you open the library where you added the picture.

The smart album feature is a breeze as through it, you can set a query and the album will update itself automatically based on the same.

Overall, I liked Phototheca and will request the readers to use the same, obviously, if they need a photo organizer. Once you try out the same, don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comments feature available.

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