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If you are a network administrator or if you are trying to find a way of getting more specific details of a particular Wi-Fi network, ezNetScan can be the perfect Android app for fulfilling your requirements. The app has lots of amazing features to help you having all the different kinds of valuable information on your current Wi-Fi network that you are using. Not only that, but, the app is very easy to use and has all those key features that a network administrator will always love to have.

ezNetScan - 1

After you install the app and open it for the very first time, all the related information on the current Wi-Fi network will be displayed before your eyes. The different data that ezNetScan enlists for you are: DHCP server, external IP, gateway IP, BSSID, IP address, MAC address, DNS, link speed etc. These are actually some of the most important information that you will like to find out about the current Wi-Fi network that you are using. Just by a single click on a button, other relevant information such as the different devices connected to the Wi-Fi network will be showed. This is particularly useful when you are at a public space and don’t want to get into the same Wi-Fi network that of strangers.

There is also a Tools menu of this app and that enables you to ping any user on the network. Other features include an external IP scanner tool, a TCP server scanner etc. If you wish, you can actually configure ezNetScan to send wake on LAN requests as well.

ezNetScan - 2

This app is very user friendly and gives you some great deal of information in a very easy manner. I loved using it and I hope that you will have similar experience as well. Make sure to let me know what you think of the same through the comments feature available below.

Mainly because of the presentation, infographics have become a popular way of displaying bite sized bits of information or advertising a specific business. Many feel that you need a skilled designer and pretty costly software to get things done; however, a few services are available to make the process easier. In today’s article, one such service will be reviewed and it is named as Infogr.am.

Infogr.am - 1

Get Started

You need to sign up for an account and that doesn’t cost any money. You will have three options after logging in to your newly created account: you can create an infographic, you can head to the library or you can create charts.

Creating Infographics

You’ll have numerous templates to choose from and those come in different color schemes as well. After making the initial selection, you will get an infographic with some dummy text and charts. Apart from editing these pre-existing elements, you can add further photos, videos, text, charts or maps as well.

Modification of the charts can be done through spreadsheets and the process is pretty easy. You can assign input figures or labels and numerous types of information can actually be added to the infographic.

Infogr.am - 2

After you are done with creating the infographic with Infogr.am, you can preview the final product. If you are happy, you can save the same, otherwise you can edit it again. The final infographic can also be shared easily through the embed code available in Infogr.am. However, there is one catch; the final infographic is branded with a small logo of Infogr.am.

Your Infogr.am account is kind of a social profile as to other users, the total number of infographics created and your followers will be displayed. However, I am not pretty sure that how one can follow other users. At least, I didn’t see any option. If you know about it, please share the process of following other Infogr.am users through the comments feature.

Regular YouTube users always have some special preferences when it comes to watching the videos in the largest video sharing platform in the world. YouTube, despite the recent changes introduced, is still not a completely flexible or customizable platform, but, if you use Google Chrome as your primary internet browser, you can make use of some of the available Chrome extensions for making YouTube video viewing experience much better and hassle free.

YouTube Preview - 1

Today, we will discuss such an amazing Chrome extension known as YouTube Preview.

YouTube Preview

If you move from one video to another in YouTube throughout the day with help of the recommended right sidebar, this extension will help you big time. We generally move to another video judging the thumbnail and many times, we find the new video not to be satisfactory. YouTube preview can help you find more information on the video just by taking a look at the thumbnail.

Under each of the video thumbnails, you will see colorful red and green bars. These indicate the popularity of that particular video and also represent the number of likes that the same has received from the viewers. In case you hover over the thumbnail picture, the video will start playing from the thumbnail position and thus you will get a short walkthrough of the actual video. Though you still don’t get to see the entire video, this according to me, is an awesome way of judging whether to watch a particular video or not.

YouTube Preview - 2

After you actually get to the video page, you will see an option called likes per 100 views. As the name suggests, this will mark the number of likes the video has received for every 100 views. Even if a video has got numerous likes, this may still be small as many people just watch the videos without liking or disliking it.

I liked this simple Chrome extension and shared my thoughts on the same. It’s now your turn to follow the suit.

There are numerous artistic applications already released by Apple such as After Effects, Photoshop and Flash. Now, Adobe has an amazing photo editing application, even for the iPhone users. It’s named as Adobe Photoshop Express and this marks Adobe’s entry to the consumer market. This app has some of the most advanced features of Photoshop and that makes it a must for the iPhone users who love editing pictures.

 Adobe Photoshop Express - 2

After you download and install the app, it’s advised that you take some time and learn how this app works first. A tutorial comes up after your first launch and you can make the most of it.

Just like other iPhone apps, the menu navigation procedure is the same. When you visit the menu for the first time, you’ll be presented with arrows for helping you out with navigation. Except the Camera Roll, all other controls are readily responsive and for each of the screens, both landscape and portrait modes are available. The different Transform tools available are: rotate, straighten, crop and flip. On the other hand, the color controls available are brightness, contrast, exposure, autocorrect, tint, temperature, hue, saturation etc.

Apart from that, you can us special effects to add borders to existing images or use red eye reduction feature as well. Some of the add-ons are however for paid users only. One of those is Adobe Camera Packs and it costs $4.99. This has features such as auto-review, noise reduction, self-timer etc. Another paid add-on is Adobe Effect Pack and this is priced at $2.99. This enables your access to the photo filters; however, you can always use the free ones available online instead.

Adobe Photoshop Express - 3

The digital processing of this app is so good that it makes even an ordinary looking photo so much better. Yes, I am saying this as I have personal experience.

Overall, the free features are more than enough for an average photo editor. The app does not have any advertisements, which is a great relief for the users as well. If you have anything to share about this iPhone app, please do so using the comments feature.

Twitter has now set its footsteps on the video sharing niche, with launch of its latest app named as Vine. Rumors were strong for the last few days already of Twitter releasing a video sharing app and now with Vine; you can create videos as well. The app is only available for iOS devices for the time being; however, it will soon be available in other platforms as well, as confirmed by the Twitter officials.

Vine - 1

Just like the 140 character limit for tweets, the videos created through Vine are pretty small too. A video created through Vine can be at maximum 6 seconds long. This ensures that the videos are to the point, without much of fluff. The app is capable of recording sound as well.

Creating the video is very simple with Vine. You just need to hold your finger on the screen to start recording and then move the same away for stopping recording. You can stop as many times as you wish and hence, you may end up with a continuous 6 second long video or a number of short clips. Vine stops recording video as soon as you move your finger away and hence, there is no editing process involved with Vine.

Vine - 2

After the video is created, the same is auto embedded in Tweets, similar to the Twitter supported image sharing service. The video can be played on Twitter website or the mobile app both. However, I have seen that the videos loop on Twitter’s desktop version, unlike the mobile application.

The videos can be shared through Facebook as well. If you don’t have an account on either Facebook or Twitter, even then you can share the videos in the Vine networking, a social network on its own.

Vine looks cool. It is not an awesome application, but is simple enough to make its users happy. I hope it soon gets some upgrades and be available for other platforms not run through iOS.

More or less, all of us need to edit documents online. We often use other computers where we don’t have a doc or PDF reader and we end up scratching our heads to find how we can edit the required documents. To be honest, there are web based document editors available; however, as far as I have seen, HTML5 based tools are hard to find. Today, I’ll go through such a tool named TeamLab. In fact, it is the first online HTML5 based word processor.

TeamLab - 1

Working with TeamLab

You should start by taking a tour of the controls. You can open the sample documents of the website and get familiarized with all the available controls of this web based tool.

To be honest, apart from editing the HTML5 based documents, you can use the CRM solutions and project management tools offered by TeamLab as well. While using the document editors, you can also add others to your team for proper collaboration online. You can use the web based interface to create documents of your own as well. Apart from the standard documents, you can create advanced formatted documents, presentations or spreadsheets. You can actually upload files with size of less than 10 MB in the online account and then work on the same.

TeamLab - 2

You can download the modified document in several formats such as HTML, DOC, DOCX, PDF, ODT, TXT, EPUB etc. With a free account, you can use 1 GB of online storage; however, you won’t be able to use the online editor. The premium package costs $20 per month and the storage space is higher. To get a better feel of the premium account, you can try out the 45-day free trial.

Overall, the tool seemed very easy to use. Did anyone reading this article try this tool out? If yes, please let me know your experience through the comments section.

Image filters can change a digital image by manifolds. It can practically make the image look absolutely different. Some even use these filters to give an image of current days an old and vintage look. Well, there are many image editing software available for users if the photograph is on a computer system. However, even if you take a lot of pictures via your phone, you are not out of option. Well, you can always plug in your phone to the computer, transfer the images and then add image filters on the same. But, to save you from all the hassle, here is CamVintagizer.

CamVintagizer - 1

What is CamVintagizer?

This is a free to use app for smartphone users who have their phone running on Windows operating system. Well, the app does not work with Android or iOS, but, it is rumored that soon relevant apps will come out for those operating systems as well. The app size is around 5 MB and it needs the Windows Phone Version to be of at least 7.5. The app was released on 22nd July, 2012. Though most of the people can use it without charge, people from certain countries such as France, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom need to pay a small price of $0.99.


There are 39 different vintage visual effects available such as former styles, grungy borders, tilt shift, paper texture and lens flares. You can even save 4 out of these 39 as your favorites.

You can add filters to both existing images and newly captured images.

CamVintagizer - 2

Apart from English, the app supports other languages such as French, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

You can save the final resultant image in the gallery or share the same through social networking sites such as Facebook as well.

If you like to play with images, you can certainly try this out. I had a good experience while using it, but as I am not much of a photographer, I removed the same from my phone. What do the readers think about CamVintagizer! Please share your thoughts through the comments section.

I have been a user of Google RSS Feed for long time. Off late, I started looking for other options and pretty fast, I got to know about Brief. This works with Mozilla Firefox and that’s what my primary web browser is.

Brief - 1


The first thing that caught my attention is that Brief integrates with the bookmark system of your Mozilla Firefox browser. We bookmark something as we want to get back to it at a later time and as Brief intermingle with Mozilla bookmark, things get easier for us. The feeds actually turn out to be live bookmarks for us and everything can be found right under the regular bookmarks library. If you want to add any new feed, change an existing one’s position or add tags to articles, thus, you can directly use the bookmark manager offered by Firefox.


You can set a lot of things up with help of this menu. You can configure that how often the stories should refresh, store the options and other relevant behaviors as well. If you intend to use keyboard shortcuts with Brief, please take a look at the ones provided with this extension.

Adding New Feeds

There isn’t anything that Brief will do while adding new feeds. As with Brief, your bookmarks turn into feeds, you can simply subscribe to a page and add that under your Live Bookmarks folder.

Brief - 2


Brief is a simple RSS feed Reader. To be honest, there is not much that Brief provides when it comes to reading. You can see the feeds in a list format or use full view mode. Additionally, you can mark items as read.

You can set up feed specific update period through Brief. For example, some feeds can update in every 2 minutes, whereas, the less important ones can be configured to update every 2 days.

Brief is not a replacement for Google RSS Feed. However, if you are bored with Google RSS Feed, you can definitely switch to Brief. It works fine and I don’t have any big complains as such. What do you have to say?

Are you looking for a YouTube client that you can use in your iOS run device? Well, today, I will name one for you and you will probably like it, as it has lots of features. The best part is that this works with all the models of the phones run on iOS and this includes the latest released iPhone 5. This app has been developed by Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd. Apart from iPhone; you can use this app on your iPad or iPod as well, as long as the iOS version is 6.0 or above.

Jasmine - 1


The app is of small size (6.7 MB) and the last update till date was made on 26th October, 2012. The latest version of the app is 1.0.3 and you have to be at least 17 years old to download and use the same.

User Interface

The app looks pretty sleek and you can easily navigate through the same. There is also a night mode available and you can use this mode for viewing videos in low light. You will see all the standard YouTube features being available with this app. You can manage the playlists, return to the long videos at a later time or take help of the background audio support available. Apart from that, you can use the app to view all of your subscriptions or browse through the new channels. Commenting on a video is also easy when you are using Jasmine.

Jasmine - 2

AirPlay Support

This is something that places Jasmine leaps apart from its competitors. As Jasmine supports AirPlay, you can watch the videos even in your computer monitor or the television, without the need of any sort of wiring.

Jasmine is a cool app, according to me. However, this is only useful to people who watch YouTube videos on daily basis through the smartphone.

Google Chrome has undoubtedly become one of the most used internet browsers all over the world. I love this browser and have this installed in my personal system (I still have my preference with Firefox anyway). I can hardly find any problems in Chrome as it’s sleek, super-fast and very easy to deal with. However, if someone asks me to point out a single trouble with Chrome, I will probably mention the lack of accessibility in settings. Well, if you don’t understand what I mean, try to locate the Chrome extensions or go the Chrome Memory page. You can certainly reach these pages, but, the path is not so simple.

MB - 1

To help you out, Mega Button is here though. This simple Chrome extension is kind of all in one solution for your Google Chrome settings.


It’s a cakewalk as you just need to click the “Add to Chrome” button of the web store. If you have successfully done so, a green button will appear in your browser’s extension area.


You’ll see icons for Settings, History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Extensions Plugins, Memory, Flags and DNS after opening Mega Button. There are other icons available for Histograms, Net-Internals, Cache, Sync-Internals, Tracing, Conflicts and Task as well; if you wish, you can configure those for initial display.

MB - 2


Mega Button doesn’t have any extra functionality. It basically makes your access to Google chrome settings easier. While using the extension, you will never feel like being out of place. The icons of the extension are similar to the Chrome theme.

The giant green button always stays on the browser, so, if you are not comfortable with that, this may turn out to be a con side of Mega Button for you. Otherwise, it should be good to have it installed within your Google Chrome browser.

What do you have to say about Mega Button? Please share your thoughts through the comments section.

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