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Despite bringing superb changes in all the updated Windows Operating System versions, the search feature of the most used Operating System is still a bit lackluster. The things have not changed with the latest version Windows 8 either. However, if you are a savvy user, you can use any of the numerous third-party solutions which make the search procedure for Windows file system effectively simple.

UltraFileSearch - 1

Well, today, I’ll review a similar file searching app for the readers and it is named as UltraFileSearch. Please read below to enlighten yourself on all the features of this beautiful tool:

Two Versions

This software is available in two versions – a shareware (Standard) and the other is freeware (Lite). In this article, I’ll cover what’s there in the Lite version. If you want a comparative study of both the versions, I’ll suggest you to check out this webpage: www.ultrafilesearch.com/features.html.


UltraFileSearch is available in almost all of the used Windows Operating Systems: starting from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2008 R2. Though not listed on the official webpage, I tried using it on the 64-bit PRO version of Windows 8 and it worked absolutely fine.

You can install the software directly in your machine or also use the same through the portable format.

UltraFileSearch - 2


  • You can search by mode; you can simply enter the term or use wildcards. You can also turn case sensitivity on or off depending on your requirement.
  • You can even make a search on the flash and external drives.
  • You can recursively scan all the subfolders.
  • You can search specifically for files or folders.
  • You can use the “Containing Text” feature while searching for TXT, DOCX or PDF files.

UltraFileSearch doesn’t create any sort of index and hence, if you need a resource intensive search, this doesn’t work nicely. As I stated previously, the app is simple and that’s where it scores. I’ll love to know what viewers think of the same.

You’ll see always see teens and children messaging their friends and staying always on the phone, no matter wherever they are going. Well, there is no harm in it unless the person using the cellphone is also driving a car at the same point of time. Even if the teen changes the phone profile to silent mode, they still check out every few minutes later to see if they have any new calls, SMSs or not.

Detext - 1

If you are a worried parent who wants to take your kids precaution and prevent them from getting distracted from the phone notifications while driving, you will find a solution in Detext.

Features of Detext

The application costs nothing and is designed to prevent road accidents which occur because drivers pay more attention to the phone rather than the road. This application stops all incoming notifications for messages or calls. However, this does not mean that those incoming calls or messages will be missed by you; as the app saves everything. The people who call you or send messages are also notified that you are busy with driving and that you will answer them later. Apart from that, when the application is active, you won’t be able to send messages or emails either.

I just loved the fact that Detext starts itself automatically when it senses motion. The speed detection technology is integrated with GPS and as soon as your car gets to a speed, the app turns on. If you wish to keep a gauge on your kid, you can set up a speed limit through the app as well. When the driving speed goes beyond that, you are notified of the same.

Detext - 2

The app only works with Android currently and can prove to be extremely useful if you are parent to a teen with access to cars. I’ll recommend this to my readers and will love to know what the people who have already used this app think about the same; through the comments feature.

You need to check on numerous factors before you finalize on your new apartment. If you have ever used apps for finding apartments through the location, you must have encountered Lovely before. This amazing application has now come up with a new search tool which is more focused on the apartment’s photos. The pictures are displayed in a pinterest like layout and it is named as Lovelylab Pinterest tool. This will help you out to decide on an apartment depending on how it exactly looks like.

 Lovelylabs - 2

To go through some particular photos, you have to select a metro area first. Then decide the city or neighborhood. All the pictures of apartments are displayed for you and it is also possible to trim down the searches depending on your preferred price range or apartment size. When you click on a particular apartment picture, the Google Map of that particular listing is brought up.  A full link is displayed to help you go through the original listing as well.

Well, my personal experience has been pleasant enough while using this newly released tool. However, I found that there should have been more image attribute filters to help make the search functionality a little bit of less jarring. For an example, I have seen that many times, apart from the actual apartment picture, you’ll see other images of unit layouts, marketing materials or pictures of the agent himself. It creates a mishmash of the results. Instead of this, if only the best picture (Or, a few) of the apartment feature on this app, things will become easier for users.

Lovelylabs - 1

My final verdict will be that the app works nicely, but a few enhancements in the updated versions will make it even better. If you have any recommendations about this app, please share the same through the comments section.

When you start writing something, it’s extremely important to keep your focus on the same. A writer needs to push the creativity inside him and during this process any disturbance or distraction certainly doesn’t help in anyway. If you are a MAC user, there are already plenty of excellent apps that keep you free from distractions. But, today, I’ll talk about one which is available on web itself. Yes, Quabel is a web app that keeps the writers distraction free. It has the advantages of a cloud environment, at the same time; it is designed to support simple and uncluttered writing.

 Quabel - 2

To use Quabel, you don’t need to create an account, but, I’ll still suggest you to do so, as then you will be able to save your files. Don’t worry as creating an account does not involve any fees. You won’t see any sidebar or top to bottom whitespace – things that are certainly turn offs for this type of applications (At least for me). The typography is good and if you prefer to work during night, you can switch to the night settings as well.

The features don’t end right there. The application includes a pseudo file system along with it as well. This is part of the Explorer feature and through the same; you can easily add labels to the already stored texts or export some articles as well. In addition, you can delete the draft articles that you may have saved in the application earlier.

Quabel - 1

Whatever you write inside the Quabel app is protected through the German copyright law. To assure that you make the most of this app, you can also set goals. Rest assured, this enhances your performance for sure.

I loved this app for its simplicity. If you have used the same, I’ll request you to share your thoughts through the comments feature.

The work environment has changed rapidly over the last few years. You can even work right from a remote location these days, something which was unheard of previously. Thanks to the advent of cloud environment, the groups and businesses can get together to work these days through a seamless process. You don’t need to be inside the same room, same office building or even not at the same location, when if you want to work together. There are already many cloud-based collaboration tools available and Tinder is the latest entry to that list. Do you want to know about the basic features of this application? Please read on.

Tinder - 1

Basics of Tinder

Everything that you do on Tinder actually happens inside the cloud, so you will be able to get access to the co-workers right on real time basis. The structure of this app is very flexible as well. You can tweak the same easily to suit your organizational requirements. Even if your company requirements change as time progresses, you can accommodate Tinder to work accordingly. The customization process is self-explanatory and does not take much time.

Tinder - 2

Features of Tinder

  • You can use this app for free, if the usage is restricted to just five people. If you need to collaborate with more people than five, you need to buy the pro version though.
  • Not only to communicate with co-workers, but, you can use Tinder for sharing files as well.
  • Tinder supports document revisions. Hence, if you need to access a previous version in case any of the coworkers made a mistake, you are covered.
  • If you have used a social network before, the interface will seem to be easy to understand for you.

Tinder is ideal if you manage a business with limited number of workers. It works well and if you have something to share on the same please make a comment below.

Do you want to keep track of all the new product releases, reviews or updates? Well, it wasn’t easy earlier, but, all thanks to the tool, HypeJar, you can easily be informed of all the upcoming releases now.

HypeJar - 1

Basic Information

HypeJar is kind of a Wikipedia for all the upcoming product releases, if described in the simplest way. Not only that it provides small details on the different products (This includes pictures, release dates, production house details and descriptions); you can hype a particular product as well and discuss the same with other members of the community.

You can also mention that which products are of more interest to you and the tool will automatically keep you updated on every single released detail of the same.

Finding Movies

All the products listed on HypeJar are properly indexed and hence, the browsing process is fast and simple. You can search for a product by its name, producers, associated studios or tags. The search results are properly organized by content type as well. You can hype a movie right from the search results page. You can also check out the new products section as this lists the excessively hyped items or the newly released ones.

HypeJar - 2

Hype a Product

To show your support for a product, you need to hype up the same. This works like thumbs up or thumbs down feature of YouTube as if you don’t find a product to be good, you can hype the same down as well. To have a product in your watch list, you can add the same to your jar. If you wish, HypeJar can send you digest emails on the products inside your jar as well.

So, did you like the way HypeJar works? I found it to be pretty cool and will appreciate if you can share your thoughts through the comments section.

Editing an image can be a pretty broad process. You can simply crop or resize an image, add effects or filters, add text or other layers. However, the process is not limited to these simple things and this can get more advanced if you intend to. There are powerful apps for helping with those advanced image editing features, but, we can even make use of the cloud based photo editing apps. The best part is that we don’t need to download any graphic designing software for implementing those advanced edits, as we will be using software that’s hosted online.


There are many online editors available these days and in today’s article, I’ll explain how PicMonkey works.

Basic Information

With PicMonkey, you can probably touch all the basic and advanced aspects of image editing. The basic edits such as crop, resize, rotate are there, in addition to the more advanced features such as: wrinkle removers, text layers, frames, spray tab, blemish fixes, textures etc. However, don’t think to do all these advanced changes; you need to be a super expert when it comes to image editing. This cloud based photo editor is super easy to use and even if you don’t know anything about editing images, even then, you will be able to tweak an image. You can also create image collages if you wish through this online photo editing tool.


Well, there is only one downside that I can think of at this point of time. There are some features (Royale features) which are only available for the paid users. So, if you try to use those, what you get is a big monkey face on your image. These items are marked with a crown in the app. I didn’t find any exact price info on the paid version. However, you can still use the free trial for a full access, but, I didn’t see any information regarding the free trial period length either. So, if you have any information regarding the trial period length or paid version price, please share the same through the comments section.

If you like to record and upload a video as quick as possible, at the same time want the best possible quality as well, YouTube has something in store for you. A new free iOS app has been launched by YouTube, named as Capture. As soon as you open the app, you will be able to start the recording. You can edit the video through a few minor functionalities present in the app such as: image stabilization and color correction. If you wish, you can select any music from the free background tracks available in YouTube’s library and add the same to your video.


As soon as the recording process is over, the app automatically starts the video uploading and you are presented with options such as customizing privacy, enhancements and sharing the same. You can trim down the length of your video if you feel like doing so. Additionally, you can horizontally lock the screen to avoid the problem that YouTube refers to as “Vertical Video Syndrome.”

You can toggle the video quality between 480p and 720p. However, the full HD mode of 1080p is yet to be available in Capture. You can import videos as well from iPod Touch or iPhone to this app and process the same easily. You can even import iPad videos, but, the app works better for smaller screens. You don’t need to constantly run the app while the uploading process is in progress. You can simply minimize the same and upload will continue in the background.


The app is only available for iOS users currently in the App Store; however, YouTube team is working on releasing an Android version as soon as possible.

To me, the experience of using the app was similar to that of Instagram upload process. It works well and I didn’t experience any instances of crash or something similar.

Many times, we need to send a scanned document to someone else. In such cases, what we do is, we take a picture of the physical document and then send the same through an email to the recipient. However, in this case, the page frame is usually erroneously detected and hence, as a result, the images become unclear and the actual purpose is often not served properly. Well, not anymore, if you are using an iPhone. Genius Scan will enhance the quality of any physical document image. Not only iPhone, but, you can use the same in any of the devices running on iOS version 5.0 or later such as iPad, iPod Touch etc.

Genius Scan

How Does Genius Scan Work?

After you download the same and install it on your device, launch the same. The app has a very user-friendly interface and you will hardly face any problem during the image quality enhancement process. Through the app, you can take a picture of a physical document and you will see that the page frames and the perspective are automatically detected.

Genius Scan

The app then improves the resultant image automatically. You can save the resultant image in PDF of JPEG format. You can either send the same through email or export the scanned copy to Google Docs, Dropbox or Evernote.

The app doesn’t require any sort of human intervention other than capturing the picture. I’ll suggest the app to readers who need to frequently scan physical documents through the phone. Well, the quality is obviously not as good as an original scanner (You would not have expected it either); however, it’s still nice enough.

The best part is that the app is completely free to use. If you have used the same, I’ll request you to share your thoughts through the comments feature. Please share if you faced any problems as well.

Roadster Makes Fuel Monitoring Easy

December 18th, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Content - (0 Comments)

Well many companies actually pay off the money that the employees spend on vehicles. But, there are a few conditions that come associated with it as well, such as the trips should be related to work or medical purposes. The fact is: to get those expenses paid, it’s important to monitor the odometer readings closely, which obviously is not possible every time.


Not only for getting a reimbursement always, but, you may need to have these information while filing the tax returns as well. With a proper monitoring, you can identify which of the receipts actually qualify for tax returns. All of these monitoring tasks can take a toll on you; however, there is a user friendly app available for you named Roadster. This app makes your fuel monitoring task easier.

Where to Download?

The app is available for free from iTunes. However, after the holiday season is over, you will have to pay $4.99 to use this app.

Basic Features

  • The app is compatible with the iOS devices.
  • The app is very user-friendly and the user interface is self-explanatory.
  • The app uses power optimized GPS.
  • The app tracks mileage automatically.
  • You can export all the data into CSV spreadsheets through this app.


Basics on the App

The app is only of a size 8.5 MB and it works on various Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The GPS of your phone monitors both departure and destination locations and hence, the overall miles travelled are computed as well. The energy consumption for running the GPS is adjusted according to your battery level and usually is low.

On an accompanying map, you can get a real time visualization of the current trip that you are having. You can merge, edit or delete trips from the log book as well. The trips can also be categorized and you can set notifications as well.

If you have tried out this new app already, please share your thoughts on the same with me through the comments feature.

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