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Thanks to the new Google Drive feature, it is now very easy to attach big files through Gmail. If you are not much aware about Google Drive, Google Docs has turned into Google Drive recently. Attaching files from Google Drive to an email takes just a single click and you don’t need to leave Gmail anywhere in the middle of the process.

Google Drive

Earlier, through Gmail, it was only possible to attach files with size up to 2 MB. However, thanks to the Google Drive integration with Gmail, you can now attach files with size as much as 10 GB. You are sending intended recipients the actual file which is stored in the cloud environment. Hence, no matter whatever update you make to the file stored in cloud, those changes will be visible to the recipient on a real time basis. You don’t need to send the file all over again, every time you make an update to the same.

What if the recipient does not have access to the file that you send to him! Google itself takes care of this issue. When you send an email to someone without any attachments (Despite having the word attachment in the email body), Gmail prompts you about that. Similarly, if you try to send a file to someone without access to the same, a prompt comes asking you to give recipient the access to that file. The process takes a few seconds and again, you don’t need to ever leave Gmail.

Google Drive

Further features are expected to roll out in the next few days, so, you can expect some extra utilities in near future. Remember one thing, to take advantage of the bigger file attachment, you have to enable the new compose feature. So, if you haven’t done it as of yet, please enable that as soon as possible. Also, I’ll request you to share your thoughts on this new Gmail feature with me via the comments.

It’s always good to know that where your disk space is being allocated. It calls for a better disk space utilization and makes your system work faster. For Windows operating system users, Xinorbis is a good option. It works effectively and is fast. More importantly, this is completely portable.


How to install?

You can hard install it in your system. Otherwise, Xinorbis is available as an archive as well. You can extract this archive in your dropbox folder, your system or even on a flash drive. The file size is small (Around 7 MB) and when you launch the application, you can run it in any of the 6 supported languages such as: Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French and obviously English.

How to use?

After making your language selection, a simple user interface will pop up. The options displayed in that new pop up are self-explanatory such as: Scan a Drive or Folder, Import Scan Detail, Folder History, Report Browser and Web Reports.

For Scan a Drive or Folder option, you can include or exclude some files from the scan as you wish. The scan process is very fast. I personally ran the scan on a folder with more than 8000 files and total time it took was only around 4 seconds. The actual time taken may however depend on your processor.


If you wish to see more detailed data, take a look at the left pane of the application window. You’ll also be able to pull reports through options over there. For an example, the File Search Spread option helps you to discover the large duplicate files in your system. All these data can be exported to different formats such as: CSV, TEXT, XML and HTML.

I loved using Xinorbis and I’m sure that you’ll find it useful as well. If you have any experience (good or bad) with Xinorbis and want to share it, please use the comments feature.

Internet has numerous websites filled with relevant information that may help you some way or the other. Sometimes, it becomes tough though because of the web designers. They make the websites cloggy enough to read something at times. There are advertisements, tricky designs (These look cool but can annoy the regular readers) and floating windows that create disruption during the reading. Not any more, though!


Clearly which is available in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as an extension, clears everything from the webpage other than what you want to read from it. This app was developed by the reputed team of Evernote and below you will find more details on the same.

How to use?

After installing the extension, just go to the webpage that you want to clear and then click the button. It’ll show you just the article that you will like to read in that webpage. If you want to go back to the previous version of the webpage, just click on the Back button.  You can keep the article for future reference in the Clearly Notebook and for that, you have to click the Clip button. There is also an option to print the article and that saves up papers as well. Only the article content that you need is printed, not the entire webpage.


Interface Change

If you don’t like the normal interface that this app provides, you can anytime change the settings. However, you should do this only if you possess a good amount of knowledge, otherwise, things can get a bit clumsy.

Clearly works pretty fast and is a useful extension. It integrates with Evernote seamlessly making the life of a regular web reader easier. If you know about other similar apps, please share the names through the comments feature. I’ll love to review those for my readers as well.

It’s always great to squeeze some extra battery out of your smartphone. A full battery charge generally does not last for more than a single day or even less for smartphones, unlike the regular phones which continue with the battery for around 2-3 days. Other than buying a battery, there is another option for you to keep battery life higher in your smartphone, if it runs on Android. Try JuiceDefender, it works really well.



JuiceDefender has been developed by LaterDroid. There are three versions of the app: Free, Plus and Ultimate, the latter 2 being paid versions.

More on the App

The user interface of this app is a bit different from other regular Android apps, I would say. The buttons are self-explanatory and you need to tap the “Enabled” button to start the app’s function. It’s “Disabled” by default.

What does the app do?

Most of the times, we keep running certain applications in our Android device without our knowledge. These consume extra battery and JuiceDefender basically disables those functions. For an example, if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network, yet, WiFi radio is on; JuiceDefender will simply disable the same.


You can customize the app to work every 15 minutes or other predetermined time frames to choose from.

You can also use any of three JuiceDefender profiles based on your exact requirements. The profiles (Aggressive, Balanced and Extreme) vary on their aggressiveness.


You’ll see numerous customizing options under the Settings tab. You can check options such as Mobile Data, but, if you are not a paid user, options will be limited for you.

JuiceDefender has not only one, but two paid versions. The €1.99 Plus version lets you access the Extreme Profile and control the Mobile Data in a better way. The €4.99 Ultimate version, on the other hand, lets you unleash the full power of this app.

I believe the free version is good enough for an average user’s needs. If you think otherwise, please share why through the comments feature.

Evom – a Fast Mac Video Conversion App

November 26th, 2012 | Posted by Costea Lestoc in Mac - (0 Comments)

Video converting is something that all of us need to do on a regular basis. If you’re using Mac, you’ll get too many options to choose from. However, if you have a particular purpose of sending the newly converted files to iTunes and then sync those with your device, Evom fits in perfectly.


A bit on the app

Little App Factory is the producer of this app and you can basically drag-drop videos and then convert those through this app. The app works really fast and it takes full advantage of the multi-core processor of your Mac.

How to use?

You can download it for free from the official page: www.thelittleappfactory.com/evom. Now, after installation process is completed, you can open it and drag the specific video folder that you want to convert video from.  You can even select the iTunes option and in that case, converted videos will directly move to your iTunes folder.


After you drop a video file on this app, you’ll see a configuration box popping up. You can specify different details of the output file on that configuration box such as: video output folder, output video title, quality and output format. Different output formats supported by Evom are: FLV, HTML5, AVI, MPG, MOV, MP4 etc. If you wish, you can extract the audio from a video file as well and convert the same to different formats such as: MP3 and OCG. Additionally, you can convert videos directly to a format that’s supported by Apple TV.

After finalizing the options, you need to click on Convert button and the process will start.

Evom works pretty fine for me, but, if you are looking for other options, you can try out MacX Video Converter and Handbrake as well. If you have used all of these 3 video conversion apps for Mac, which did you find to be the best? Please share your thoughts through the comments section.

back up your tweets

Twitter only lets you store your last 3200 tweets. If you are a regular user, that number may sound pretty little to you. If you haven’t reached your 3200th tweet yet, it’s best to use any of the apps listed below and back up all your tweets to access those anytime you wish. The best part is that none of the apps listed below takes more than a few minutes to complete the Twitter backup.


back up your tweets

This can not only backup your Twitter account, but other two renowned social networking accounts as well. You will need to sign up for a free account with Backupify and then allow it to access your Twitter account, to start the backup process. After the backup is complete, you’ll see a green icon in your Backupify account. You can schedule the backup to run once every day. If you want to import the backups, you need to create a ticket with customer support team and they will email you the same.


back up your tweets

You need to connect twissues to your Twitter account and authorize the same. Then, Twissues will gather and archive all of your tweets. You can not only view your older tweets from Twissues website, but search through the list as well. You can see the global trends from the right sidebar and make Tweets private accordingly.


back up your tweets

This is still in BETA version, but works pretty smooth. You can create a new account or sign up through Twitter. It will start taking backup of your account automatically and you can download the list in Excel, CSV or TEXT format after the process is complete.

These are not the only 3 tools available that helps you to take a backup of your Twitter account. But, I find these 3 to be the best. If you feel that some other app works better, please share the name with the visitors and me through the comments feature.

All are not gifted with the proper sense of music. Many who have that gift are not able to pursue it as a career because of other kinds of pressure.  However, if you have the urge to create a musical band or play music yourself, JAM can definitely be of help for you. It works with Chrome as a browser extension.

Basics of JAM

  • You can create a virtual band using JAM.
  • It works based on Google’s own technology and HTML5.
  • It provides you with different set of instruments (A total of 19 available in JAM) and numerous other features. You can even choose to play with your friends or all by alone, as you wish.



You can see 9 different guitars in JAM: Fingers bass guitar, Distorted electric guitar, Classic clean electric guitar, Plectrum bass guitar, Nylon string acoustic guitar, Steel string acoustic guitar, Crunch electric guitar, Acoustic bass guitar and Funky electric guitar.



There are 5 different drums available in JAM: Brushes drums, Analogue drum machine, Hip-hop drum, machine, Standard drums and Techno drum machine. You will get ample opportunities to mix things up with the drums.



You’ll get 5 different keyboard options with JAM: Electric piano keyboard, Brass synth keyboard, Arpeggio synth keyboard, String synth keyboard and Piano keyboard. Though look wise these are almost same, these play differently altogether.

Easy and Pro Mode

The modes are self-explanatory. If you are lacking in musical sense, go for Easy mode. You just need to move your mouse cursor over the instrument and then click, so that it starts playing.

For Pro mode users, you can switch on the Instrument Mode switch. Then you will see each part of that instrument being assigned to a keyboard letter. You can now play accordingly. This system works best for a keyboard.

JAM will be loved by you, if you love music. Apart from the aforementioned features, you can also select Autoplay, Tempo or Metronome for a melodious musical tune. If you have used JAM already, please share your experience through the comments feature.

Twitter needs you to stay on your toes all the time. It’s tough to keep up with all the tweets and if you miss the activities for around 30 minutes, it’s impossible to gauge what’s going on when you come back. It’s still not the end of the world, but, there’s no point in not keeping up with what’s happening over there.

Silver Bird

If you have Chrome, a particular extension can help you to keep up with your timeline all the time. This extension is named as Silver Bird and is extremely easy to use.

Silver Bird Basics

Silver Bird is completely integrated with the Chrome and it’s there in the toolbar all the time, after you install it. You’ll see a bird icon in your toolbar and it will change color according to whether you receive a new update, a mention or a direct message. You need to click the bird icon and a new window will open with all the details of your latest Twitter activities.

Other features

  • You can select what kind of notifications you want to receive on the Silver Bird extension. You can also decide how the color will change based on that notification.
  • You can configure Silver Bird to notify you of retweets of your published tweets, through a pop-up window, no matter what application are you using.
  • You can tweet, retweet or reply easily using this extension.

More on Interface

There are five tabs in the main user interface: Home, Mentions, Unified, Favorites and DMs. You can also search through your lists or stream through this extension. You can use the Suspend button to pause your Twitter activities. There is a Trending button as well and this can notify you of the global (Or, local if you wish) trends.

Silver Bird

I loved this extension and this is one of the best browser extensions for managing a Twitter account, at least of the ones I am knowledgeable of. If you know of some other similar browser extensions, please share the names through the comments feature. I’ll love to review those as well.

The latest version of Advanced SystemCare is available for the users, as announced by IObit. This latest version is named as Advanced SystemCare Ultimate and this is expected to be a one-stop solution for all the system management and security related requirements of a system. This new version is integrated with BitDefender, the popular security company and this makes the Ultimate even more effective. As this new standalone software includes BitDefender, by buying Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, you will automatically own and be licensed to use BitDefender as well.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Some of the basic features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate are: Malware Removal, Shortcuts Fix, Junk Files Clean, Registry Defrag, Security Defense, Internet Boost, Privacy Sweep, System Optimization etc.

The one-click maintenance feature works perfectly and it is available in the simplified interface itself. This interface is more suitable to novice users. But, if you are pretty much aware of different technicalities related to a computer system, you can always use the expert interface. This provides you with an advanced way of managing the system.

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 is no longer available and the new Advanced SystemCare Ultimate will serve as the replacement of the same. No need to worry if you already own a version of Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 though. It will automatically update to Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate does not come for free. However, if you wish, you can try out the free version for 30 days. It includes all the features of the software, but, after 30 days, you need to buy the license for a price of $29.99. A single license can be used to install this software into 3 different systems.

I’ll recommend you to try this out. You can always opt for the free version and not choose to buy the license, if your purposes are not served.

If you are looking for an application launcher for your Mac, Alfred can be a great option for you. Though Alfred is still not as good as QSB or Quicksilver, it has all the potential to become a competitor to these 2 in future.


Using Alfred

You have to hit the keystroke combination (By default, it is Option+Spacebar) and then type the application name that you will like to open. The default keystroke combination can easily be changed from Preferences menu. After the search results are displayed, you can open the applications with a keystroke combination as well. If it’s the first result, hit Return. If it’s something else, hit Command+Specified Number (The number at which the application is displayed in search results). You can use the arrow keys to navigate through the search results as well.

Accessing Dictionary

If you need word definitions quickly, you can use Alfred for that purpose. Suppose, you want to know the meaning of word “Butter”, then you have to search with “define Butter” (Without the quotes) and search results will be displayed. Now, similarly like app results, you can browse through the definitions.

Quick Calculation

You have to activate it from the Experimental Tab of your application. Then in the search box, type the expression whose value you want to find out. Suppose, you want to find the value of 20+5. Then in the search box type = (20+5) and it will present you the answer 25. Alfred is for simple calculation only though.


Web Access

You can set the websites to access from the Preferences->Web menu.  You can also set customized searches of specific sites through Alfred, if you wish.

Alfred is easy to work on. However, it’s still cannot be your first choice as a Mac application launcher. The developers are definitely planning on improvements and if you have something to share about Alfred, please use the comment feature.

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