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At times, does not it get tough for us to manage all our media? Things can get even more problematic when we keep adding new and fresh media. So what’s the solution? Do we have any all in one media application that can effortlessly manage everything? Well, thanks to Miro, we don’t need to worry about this anymore.

Download and Installation

You can download this application from its official download page: www.getmiro.com/download/all/ and on the same page you will find installation instructions for both Windows and Linux users.

Media Management

Miro actually looks similar to iTunes. The design is very clean and right on the left pane; you will see options for both videos and music. The Video Search tab gives you an option to find your favorite videos from the leading sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion or Google Videos. You can even synchronize Miro instances of different systems through the Connect tab.


Stores, Podcasts and Playlists

You can directly buy music from the application itself. You can connect to the popular sites such as Amazon MP3 store, Google Android Store or eMusic Store etc. and buy media. Whatever you buy gets published to your Miro playlist automatically.

You can also subscribe to different podcasts and access those, right from the application. When you first run the application, you will see two podcasts added by default and an empty playlist. The podcasts can contain both videos and audios. Not to mention, you can add anything in your playlist if that is accessible by Miro.


Video Conversion

This is a cool feature offered by Miro and you can basically convert a video into 29 other formats. You can also convert the video so that it is supported by Apple or Android devices.

Miro is pretty easy to use and it works perfectly as an iTunes alternative. If you have any experience of using Miro, please share the same through the comments section.

If you are looking for a tool which can make your PDF editing tasks easy and quick, you can use PDFSAM (It stands for PDF Split and Merge). With help of this new tool, you can combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file or split a single PDF file into many. Not only that, you can reorder the pages or extract pages from a PDF file as well.

Merging Multiple PDF Files

Well, before getting into the details, I must admit that the interface of this software is a bit dated. However, once you get the hang of it, things become easier for you.

Look at the screenshot below. You should be able to find the Merge/Extract plug-in from the left sidebar. Now click on the same and then click on Add button that you see at the right side. You should add all the files that you want to merge and those should be visible to you along with the page numbers. Now, select a destination folder for the merged PDF file and click on Run button. It really is that easy!


Splitting PDF Files

Similar to merging, you have to select spilt from the left pane. Then add a PDF file and select your options for splitting. Choose your destination folder, desired name for the output file and click on Run. You are done!


Reordering the pages of a PDF file

Suppose, you have scanned the pages of a PDF file in wrong order. Now, thanks to PDFSAM, you don’t need to rescan everything. Select the Visual Reorder option and choose the PDF file that you want to reorder. You will get a thumbnail of all the pages. Now use the options Move Up, Move Down, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Delete etc. and reorder it as you wish. Don’t forget to click run to save the final PDF file.


Do you have any experience related to PDFSAM? If yes or if you have used a similar tool, please share your experience through the comments section below.

You can’t stay awake all the time while downloading large files. Many times, we actually leave the computer on for downloading the file and go to bed or some other work. This is a smart move. But after the download is completed, your computer will still stay on without anything to download. Hence, you will waste electricity and also some cash. So, what is the solution? A good trick will be to hibernate the system. It will save some power but the download will not continue when the computer is in hibernated state. You will be able to resume your session at a later time though.

If hibernating the computer doesn’t seem to be a good idea to you, let’s discuss an application that can automatically turn off your computer and also wake it up. We are talking about SmartPower here.

The basic features of SmartPower

  • You can set a schedule to turn your computer off or on.
  • It can automatically turn your computer off if the CPU is not in use.

How to use SmartPower?

First of all, you have to set the schedules. You can add as many as you want to and also set up the start and end time. The screenshot below should help you to understand this in a better away:


Now, head over to the networks tab. First of all, you should enable the stay on check box. You should select the network interfaces and specify the traffic threshold as well. SmartPower will wait till your network traffic drops below the threshold value you specified here, even if the scheduled turn off time has reached.


You should remember one thing that both incoming and outgoing data are considered while taking the traffic threshold into account.

SmartPower is very easy to use and can help you operate your computer in a smoother way. You can download the application here: www.ignatu.co.uk/SmartPower.aspx.

We live in a wireless world and every day, we send huge amounts of information through the airwaves. However, thanks to the innovation that Modern technology has come up with, we can now charge wirelessly as well. No, this is not a sci-fi rip-off, but in reality, it is possible now.

Wireless Charging

How does it work?

When we talk about wireless charging, we are referring to inductive charging. With this technology, a charging station creates a magnetic field around it when plugged in. If a device has proper induction coil, it will start receiving energy from that alternate magnetic field created when placed on the charging pad. This eliminates the need any physical connection for charging, makes your wireless devices truly wireless.

To make sure that wireless charging works properly, you need the specific hardware to be built into the device. If a device does not have built-in inductive charging coils, you might be able use an adapter or a sleeve depending on the device.

Earlier, there was no common standard for wireless charging and hence it never really was that popular in consumer electronics market. Things have changed a lot though after introduction of Wireless Power Consortium and Qi. Wireless Power Consortium is sponsored by numerous companies that seek a global standard for wireless charging.

Different Devices with Wireless Charging Enabled

For a long time, cordless toothbrushes and other bathroom devices have been using the wireless charging technology. The initial problem was that the efficiency was low and it used to take long time to get charged. Among the latest ones, Nokia Lumia 920 is known to be having the feature of wireless charging. Even, Intel is currently working on a magnetic device that can supply power to different peripherals.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is definitely safe as the conducting material is not exposed in this case. So you don’t need to worry when you touch it with your wet hands. Not to mention the trouble of carrying charging wires that it eradicates.

I will request you all to share your thoughts on wireless charging through the comments feature.

Tracking a smartphone is not only beneficial in case the phone is lost. You can easily track where your kids are going or where exactly where you are, in case you have lost your way as well. If you have an Android phone, tracking your cell phone is much easier now, all thanks to InstaMapper GPS Tracker Software.

InstaMapper GPS Tracker

All you need to do is to sign up for a new account in the official website (www.instamapper.com). The next part is setting up the new device and configuring it to track the speed and the distance.

As soon as you register your device on the official website (you need to put a label and the units), you will receive a key exclusive to your smartphone. It is important to take a note of the key as this one will help you to track your smartphone.

Now, download the software from the android market. It is available in the official website as well. Once you have installed it in your smartphone, open the same and enter the device key. Now you can configure how frequently notifications are sent to you. This is an awesome feature if you are on a limited data plan. You definitely don’t want the software to transmit data in every 5 seconds in such a case! You can also enter the buffer size, the units and the minimum accuracy that you want to achieve as well.

InstaMapper GPS Tracker

In the settings menu, you can activate remote activation via SMS and then you can retrieve the location even if you don’t have the phone on hand. Following are the different commands to use:

Launching GPS Software: “GPS_TRACKER_START <device key>”

Forcing The Software To Send Location Details: “GPS_TRACKER_FETCH <device key>”

Turning Off The Software: “GPS_TRACKER_STOP <device key>”

The app is pretty easy to use and I personally will rate it high. Let me know if you have something to share regarding the software.

The traditional way of bookmarking a web page is becoming an extinct thing now days, all thanks to the different tools such as Pocket, Instapaper, Delicious etc. being available. However, if you are a Google chrome or Firefox user, you have an alternative now. Read Later Fast is an awesome plug-in and it makes your web browsing experience much better.

Read Later Fast

Main features of Read Later Fast

  • You can save any web page and then read it at a later time.
  • You can read the saved pages while you’re off-line as well.
  • You don’t need to keep numerous tabs open while using this add-on.

How to use the extension?

  • The app is simple and very easy to use. After installing it, you just need to right click on the web page that you want to read at a later time and you should see an option named as “Read Later.” If you have saved it correctly, you will see an icon just for a few seconds and it pops up only after the bookmarked page has finished loading completely.
  • You can get back to your saved list at a later time and then start reading just with a single click. You can even navigate between different pages just like a slideshow. While reading a particular article, you can actually see similar sites as well. I personally loved this touch.
  • There is also an option to search for products and Read Later Fast also gives you some price comparisons.
  • You can see the saved web page in full text mode or in the original graphical mode as well. Rather than deleting a web page, you can remove it from the main view only, for using it later. You can unread a web page any time you wish.

Read Later Fast

If you haven’t tried out Read Later Fast yet, install it and see whether this one works for you. I’ll also request you to share your thoughts and experience through the comment feature.

It is not always about your e-mail, your voicemail can also be hacked by professionals, if you don’t know how to secure it properly. It’s a sad fact that most of the users still don’t know that their phones can be hacked at the first place. If you’re reading this article, you are aware of this fact now. So, it’s time to be proactive and save your phone.

Secure Your Voicemail

Change the PIN

This is basically the very first step, but is often overlooked. First of all, change your voicemail PIN from the default one that is set up. Change it to something that is tough to crack. Make sure that you are altering it at a regular basis (at least once in every two weeks).

Use a good password

Not only that you should use passwords for your mobile, those should be strong ones as well. Never ever use the easily guessable ones, such as: 1234, 0000, 2222, 3333 etc. Think beyond your date of birth or the place where you live. Make sure that the password doesn’t have anything to do with your personal information. Recent statistics say that scammers often try to call people and get personal information from them. If the password is something related to your personal information, it can easily be guessed.

Secure Your Voicemail

Set a voicemail password

Well, the process of setting a voicemail password varies between different phones. If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps: Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail. In case of Android phone, follow these steps: Apps > Settings > Call > Voicemail settings. The option for BlackBerry users is: Options > Voicemail settings. If you are using a Windows phone, go to settings, swipe left to Phone and then tap voicemail number to edit the same.

Securing your voicemail is not a tough job, if you know what you are doing. If you have any problems with securing your voicemail, please ask me questions through the comments section.

Facebook apps definitely provide a great way for all to pass some leisure time in the most prominent social networking site. Some of these are funny, some are based on your favourite sports, some predict different events of your life and some are even official apps of your favourite websites. However, you can see some spammy viral apps posting random stuffs on your timeline as well. Such posts are annoying and you’ll definitely like to get rid of such apps at the first place. This guide will help you to remove and report apps as necessary and help you keep your Facebook profile clean.

Facebook apps

Customizing Your Privacy Settings

Under the privacy settings part of your Facebook profile, you will get the option of editing the settings of “Ads, Apps and Websites.” Here, you can control what sort of information the different Facebook apps visited by your friends can fetch from your personal profile. A good option will be to uncheck most of the boxes for better safety.

Deleting the Unnecessary Apps

On the left pane of your Facebook homepage, you will see a link to the App Center. Go to my apps from there and you will see all the Facebook apps that you use or may have used in past being listed over there. You can either manually review all the apps or sort those by last used option and delete the ones that you haven’t used in the recent past.

Clear Your Timeline

When you see an app posting unnecessary stuffs on your Facebook timeline, just mark it as spam and the social networking giant will take care of the rest. If you don’t want to mark it spam right away, you can just hide the update from your timeline as well.

Facebook apps

Block App Requests

Aren’t all these app requests troublesome to manage? Rather than manually deleting the app requests one by one, you can easily mark to never receive an app request from a person and things will become easier for you.

The steps mentioned in the article as easy to follow, however, if you face any problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through the comments feature available.

Well, I promised to come up with an article about abuse of Twitter, so here it is! Twitter, just like Facebook is often misused these days for excessive promotion. Well, promotion is not a bad thing, but when it is disturbing the real users and they feel like being bombarded with spams, it surely is. So what are Twitter officials doing to take care of such kinds of abuses?

Twitter For Promotional Purpose

First of all, Twitter now thoroughly checks all account activities. If they find something to be suspicious, they will immediately start verifying every activity done from the account. They see whether that user aggressively tries to make a following or not. They also notice that what kind of tweets are being made from that account.

So how do you actually protect your real account? First of all, don’t tweet all the time with some links. A real user will share images or videos as well; additionally, those will be from various sources, not from a specific website all the time.

You can still use Twitter for promoting your business, but, do it in a safer way. First of all, there is no point in creating hundreds of accounts using proxies. Rather than building hundred accounts with thousand followers in each, you should build one account with 1 million followers. That gives you more authority and once you have reached such a level, chances of Twitter banning you get slim. Not only that, you tweets will become more popular among Twitter users, in a very short span of time (Obviously you need to use the hash tags properly).

Twitter For Promotional Purpose

Remember users never get into social networking sites for buying something; they are rather interested in being entertained or learning something. So if you are promoting your business through Twitter, make sure to give the potential customers of your business some value through your tweets. A tweet can’t be longer than 140 characters, so make the best use of that short space you get.

These days a computer without Internet is nothing but an expensive paperweight. Come on, would you have liked it if you couldn’t check your e-mails, chat with friends or share files with others! I’m sure the answer will not be a positive one.

Windows 7 has made it very easy for its users to share files across different systems. It is not only important to stay connected, but at the same time, the networking system should be secured enough. In today’s article, we will discuss on HomeGroup. This is an enhancement which is primarily targeted for home businesses or home users.


HomeGroup serves two purposes in general: you can protect your shared files and resources from people who intrude into wireless networks; secondly, it is possible for you to share your important files among different computers which are on a home-based network. Not only that, thanks to HomeGroup functionality, it is possible to print files of different systems from one single printer.

You have to open HomeGroup from your Control Panel. Now click to create a new HomeGroup. Make sure to check only those types of files which you want to share through this network. Once you are done, your operating system will automatically generate a password. Other systems that want to use those files need to enter the password to join the network. If you are using Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 starter, you can’t create a new HomeGroup. However, any computer with a Windows 7 version can join the HomeGroup.


HomeGroup is very easy to use. I personally liked two facts: it simplifies the process of sharing files and secondly, you can give access of your files to others, but no random wireless connection can intrude in. Only scope of improvement, which I believe can be achieved by enabling even Windows Vista or Windows XP users to join the HomeGroup.

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